Shop Avocado 5 floor Avocado is food for those who value comfort and health. Shop Cinnabon 5 floor Cinnabon® is now one of the world’s most-recognized and sought-after brands. And the best news is Cinnabon is just getting started. Shop Döner Market 5 floor Shop Falcon Cofee 0 floor Falcon Coffee is the best coffee in Gulliver Shop Falcon Cofee 1 floor Falcon Coffee is the best coffee in Gulliver Shop Falcon Cofee 5 floor Falcon Coffee is the best coffee in Gulliver Shop Gelarty café glacé 5 floor Gelarty café glacé is a place for ice cream with coffee and coffee with ice cream, a new format of coffee house from the legendary Massimo Gelarty. Shop Gulliver Bowling - floor GULLIVER BOWLING is a sport, an active holiday, and a great opportunity to have fun with friends and family. Shop Hitchcook Bar 7 floor Hitchcook bar creates the atmosphere of Hollywood's Golden Age and offers a wide range of movie cocktails Shop Mr.Zuma 5 floor Mr.Zuma - restaurant of modern Japanese cuisine Shop Mercato Italiano 6 floor Mercato Italiano is a family restaurant with an open kitchen and own cooking. Shop Pechena Kartoplya 5 floor Pechena KartoplyaHealthy and delicious food restaurantThe key feature and the main factor of the success of the chain of restaurants of Pechena Kartoplya is a unique conceptual dish - baked potato with salad fillers. Initially, for the preparation of a unique dish, only the largest potatoes are selected. A whole potato is baked in foil, is cut and so the dish base prepared - an appetizing gentle puree of beaten cheese and butter.Then each customer independently chooses the fillers from the whole variety of salads that are offered, including chicken, cheese, salmon, mushrooms or any taste from the whole palette of appetizing fillers of the restaurant menu of Pechena Kartoplya. Shop Salateira 5 floor Salateira is a chain of establishments, the main goal of which is to feed the guests tasty and healthy. They were the first to declare themselves in the healthy food market and successfully combine the fast food format with the trend for the right food. Shop The Varenik 5 floor A unique cafe where guests can taste the most delicious home made vareniki. "The Varenik" collected the best ingredients and created a unique Ukrainian menu, added delicious varieties of fillings and decorated everything with its own love. Shop Yudgin Burger 5 floor Yudgin Burger is a chain of natural Ukrainian burgers.   Shop СушиЯ 6 floor Sushiya - a network of japanese restaurants Shop Фудхол «Сільпо» Resto - floor