Shop Fruit Love 0 floor Smoothie bar «Fruit Love» — fresh bar to go. Smoothie studio - fresh bar "Fruit love" offers only natural, balanced and insanely delicious smoothies.
Shop Falcon Cofee (1 floor) - floor Falcon Cofee is the best coffee in Gulliver
Shop Falcon Cofee 5 floor 5 floor Falcon Cofee is the best coffee in Gulliver
Shop Falcon Cofee 0 floor 0 floor Falcon Cofee is the best coffee in Gulliver
Shop Grill House Lulia 5 floor Grill House Lulia - delicious oriental cuisine, cold drinks.
Shop Gulliver Bowling - floor GULLIVER BOWLING is a sport, an active holiday, and a great opportunity to have fun with friends and family.
Shop Meiwei 5 floor Meiwei - a pan-Asian restaurants.
Shop My burgers & fries 5 floor Royal Hamburger is a network of fast food restaurants where you can not only eat delicious food, but also have a good time with your friends and family. The menu of the fast food restaurant includes a variety of dishes: fresh burgers, aromatic pizza, crispy french fries, a variety of hot and cold drinks. But the "queen" of the chef's menu became a crispy chicken cooked according to its own recipe. Royal Hamburger cooperates with the best suppliers and offers exclusively fresh products.
Shop Marios 0 балкон floor Marios - a network of Italian and European cuisine restaurants. The restaurant Marios is characterized by simplicity, home furnishings and coziness.
Shop Pechena Kartoplya 5 floor Pechena KartoplyaHealthy and delicious food restaurantThe key feature and the main factor of the success of the chain of restaurants of Pechena Kartoplya is a unique conceptual dish - baked potato with salad fillers. Initially, for the preparation of a unique dish, only the largest potatoes are selected. A whole potato is baked in foil, is cut and so the dish base prepared - an appetizing gentle puree of beaten cheese and butter.Then each customer independently chooses the fillers from the whole variety of salads that are offered, including chicken, cheese, salmon, mushrooms or any taste from the whole palette of appetizing fillers of the restaurant menu of Pechena Kartoplya.
Shop Salatnik 5 floor Salat-bar Salatnik - fresh food for a fresh day
Shop The Varenik 5 floor A unique cafe where guests can taste the most delicious home made vareniki. "The Varenik" collected the best ingredients and created a unique Ukrainian menu, added delicious varieties of fillings and decorated everything with its own love.
Shop СушиЯ 6 floor Sushiya - a network of japanese restaurants