AREA OF STARS In Kiev - Gulliver shopping mall


Among hundreds of modern attractions, historical and architectural monuments, there is one place in Kiev that invariably attracts residents of the capital and numerous tourists. This attraction is only a few years old, but it has already entered the history of the capital. It is here that the memory of the great, famous and popular Ukrainians, who made an invaluable contribution to the development of Ukrainian culture, is immortalized.

In the center of Kiev, along Lesya Ukrainka Boulevard, Esplanadnaya Street and Sports Square, the GULLIVER shopping mall, together with partners and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, opened the famous SQUARE STARS. The idea began to be implemented in 2015, and soon the project turned into a permanent attraction of Kiev.

Every Ukrainian can proudly list the names of people forever marked by recognition at the "Square of Stars". The most famous and great figures of Ukrainian culture, theater and cinema, music, creativity and sports were awarded with insignia made of brass alloy. On each - a name and a QR code, by clicking on which you can find out detailed information about the nominee.

The installation and the opening ceremony of each star plate in the square, thanks to the organizers and the public, become an event in the life of the capital. Thousands of Kievites and guests of the capital come to see their idols and become participants in the solemn action.

“Star Square” is a unique social and public project to popularize national culture and recognize the contribution of famous and great Ukrainians to the development and prosperity of our country.

Theater and cinema, sports and music are the main nominations in which achievements are celebrated and names worthy of representing Ukraine are chosen.

Prominent Ukrainians who achieved the best results in their categories

The great names of Ukrainian theater and cinema at the "Square of Stars"
Ukrainian theater and cinema at the same time have deep roots and are very young, like our state itself. The combination of the classical acting school and the talents of young artists creates and develops independent domestic art. There are theater and film actors who forever inscribed their name in the history of Ukraine. It was he who installed the names on the "Square of Stars":
  • Bogdan Stupka is a grande of Ukrainian culture: more than one hundred roles in cinema and fifty in the theater, numerous national and international awards, Hero of Ukraine. Taras Bulba, performed by Bogdan Stupka, was a shock for contemporaries.
  • Ada Rogovtseva is a brilliant actress of theater and cinema, a public figure and teacher, whose talent shone in the distant 60s of the last century and continues to serve the great muse of art throughout his life.
  • Vladimir Goryansky is the most popular domestic actor, People's Artist of Ukraine. One of the most venerable masters of art of our time.
  • Akhtem Seytablaev is a modern Crimean Tatar and Ukrainian actor and director. His film “Cyborgs. Heroes do not die ”became for many a real revelation about the war, and the last picture“ Zakhar Berkut ”was a real breakthrough in Russian cinema.
  • Maria Primachenko is a unique Ukrainian artist, whose paintings conquered European and world capitals, and experts recognized her as the creator of her unique and brightest art school.
  • Rimma Zyubina is a modern popular actress, winner of countless awards and prizes.
Now, along with the Hollywood "Walk of Fame", the area of Ukrainian film and theater stars is also known in the world.
Sports stars of Ukraine
Ukrainian athletes daily make a huge contribution to strengthening the international image of our country, winning numerous medals at the most prestigious world competitions. On the "Square of Stars" the names of such athletes as:
  • One of the best football coaches in the world Valery Lobanovsky, whose name is inextricably linked to the history of Dynamo Kyiv.
  • Living legend of domestic football Oleg Blokhin.
  • The best scorer in the history of the Ukrainian national team, coach of the national team Andriy Shevchenko.
  • The Grand of Ukrainian rhythmic gymnastics, the trainer who gave the world stars of Olympiads, is Irina Deryugina.
  • Dmitry Khristich - the most famous hockey player in the world, the NHL legend.
  • One of the most famous domestic basketball players Stanislav Medvedenko.
  • Multiple Olympic swimming champion Yana Klochkova.
  • Valery Borzov is an athlete who climbed the Olympic podium five times.
  • World and European swimming champion Mikhail Romanchuk.
  • Multiple Paralympic medalist Svetlana Trifonova.
  • Olympic champion in biathlon Elena Pidgrushnaya.
  • Multiple record holder and world champion in powerlifting Larisa Solovieva.
  • Athlete, champion of the Olympic Games in high jump, Yulia Levchenko.
  • The youngest world judo champion Daria Bilodid.
  • Fencer, Olympic champion, Olga Harlan.
  • Ski freestyle and winner of the Winter Olympics, Alexander Abramenko.
  • One of the most famous trainers in the world whose life is inextricably linked with boxing is Mikhail Zavyalov.
  • Record holder, the most powerful woman on the planet Olga Lyashchuk.
  • Boxing World Champion Victor Postol.
Looking at the names of our champions, whose names are now imprinted in stone forever, Ukraine can be safely called a strong sports nation.
Music Olympus of Ukraine
Modern Ukrainian music has worthily entered the world culture, creating its own unique style and sound. Numerous stars of music, pop and show business are popular not only at home, but also abroad, gather stadiums and glorify the name of Ukraine with music around the world. "The Square of Stars" is increasingly replenished with new names of celebrities, famous musicians and performers.
Music is not subject to age and titles. The personal sign of the national favorite, one of the most famous performers of Ukrainian songs, Nina Matvienko, is adjacent to modern hitmakers - the group “Time and Glass”, and the national artist of Ukraine and politician Oksana Bilozir with the lighting stadiums MONATIK. In memory of the "voice of conscience of Ukraine" laid the plate of the musician Kuzma Scriabin. Different in style, but certainly vibrant in their work, SKY, Druha Rika, and TNMK groups were noted. The electro-pop project of Evgeny Filatov “The Maneken” was recognized as a public asset. As always, the star of the popular singer Olya Polyakova shines brightly on the Square.
In the cycle of cares, entertainment and small daily joys, among the thousands of people passing by memorable signs every day, no, no, a very young Ukrainian will stop to look at the names of people soldered into the slabs whose achievements are forever imprinted in the history of the homeland. The “Star Square” project is a message to future generations how the Ukrainians of our time lived and worked!