Baby goods

Shop AKVAREL 4 floor А network of specialized stationery stores. Make life brighter with us! Shop Choupette 4 floor Choupette - designer dress and casual clothes (from 0-10 years old), school uniform (up to 14 years), envelopes and kits for discharge from the hospital, baptismal sets, bed linen, furniture and accessories for children's rooms. Shop Falke Kids 4 floor FALKE KIDS - German monobrand store of children's legwear of exquisite design. Shop Hatley 4 floor Hatley is a brand of children's clothing that for many years has been creating "clothing from nature"   Shop iDO 4 floor iDO is a large European retail chain of high-quality children's and teenager's clothes, shoes and accessories. The iDO store offers a line of comfortable and hypoallergenic clothes and sets for babies from 0 to 3 years, stylish and comfortable outfits for preschoolers, and trendy items for teenagers up to 14 years. The iDO children's clothing is a wide selection of shoes and clothes for everyday life as well as outfits for the solemn events. At iDO clothes for children are made of reliable, quality materials and designs are as good as the high style of adult fashion collections. You can visit the iDO store in Kiev every day at the "Gulliver" shopping mall.  Shop Kid's Republic 4 floor Kids Republic is a children's store for caring parents! Shop Manila Grace 4 floor Manila Grace is a clothing and accessories store for children and teenagers.  Shop Original Marines 4 floor ORIGINAL MARINES is a store of bright and beautiful children's clothes and shoes with a true Italian charm Shop PETIT BATEAU 4 floor Petit Bateau presents a wide range of underwear and home clothes for children and adults, as well as children's t-shirts and shirts, dresses and skirts, trousers, sweaters, jackets and much more. Shop Rozum 4 floor Educational games store for kids. Shop Reima 4 floor Reima - small changes everything! Shop Sanetta 4 floor Sanetta - German store of high-quality children's underwear, pajamas and loungewear from birth to 16 years