Baby goods

Shop ANDRE TAN KIDS 4 floor ANDRE TAN KIDS - a store of trendy clothes for children, from 3 to 10 years of age, by famous Ukrainian designer Andre Tan. The store offers a wide selection of high quality clothes. In these outfits, your kid will feel comfortable no matter what he is busy with, whereas parents will enjoy reasonable prices. Shop Antoshka 4 floor For over 20 years, Antoshka has been helping parents grow children healthy, smart and trendy.Antoshka, the market leader, cares for children by providing the best products, services and emotions.This is the most extensive network of children's stores in Ukraine where you can find products in the categories: Toy, Fashion, Hygiene and Nutrition, Furniture.Antoshka has everything that children need, and children are always happy here! Shop AKVAREL 4 floor А network of specialized stationery stores. Make life brighter with us! Shop Choupette 4 floor Choupette - designer dress and casual clothes (from 0-10 years old), school uniform (up to 14 years), envelopes and kits for discharge from the hospital, baptismal sets, bed linen, furniture and accessories for children's rooms. Shop Coccodrillo 4 floor Coccodrillo is a producer of children's clothes and a worldwide prestigious brand. Shop D-Store 7 floor  Fabulous, in which the characters of your favorite movies and cartoons come off the screens directly to the counters. Shop Falke Kids 4 floor FALKE KIDS - German monobrand store of children's legwear of exquisite design. Shop Hatley 4 floor Hatley is a brand of children's clothing that for many years has been creating "clothing from nature"   Shop iDO 4 floor iDO - a large network of kids and teenage clothes, shoes and accessories of high quality from the European manufacturers. You will find comfortable and hypoallergenic clothes for newborns and the most little ones, comfortable and stylish outfits for pre-school children and stylish pieces for the teenagers under 14 years. A wide range of shoes and outfits for the daily lives and holidays. All the clothes arem made from reliable and qualitative material and it doesn't inferior to any adult fashionable lineups in haute couture. Shop Kid's Republic 4 floor Kids Republic is a children's store for caring parents! Shop LIVLY 4 floor LIVLY is the first boutique of clothing for children from 0 to 7, from Sweden.  Shop MUM'S MANIA 4 floor MUM'S MANIA is the solution of all the mother’s tasks and the child’s needs from the moment of his birth Shop Maya-MI 4 floor Shop Mothercare 4 floor Mothercare – самая большая сеть магазинов для будущих мам и малышей по всему миру, название которой переводится как «Материнская забота». Shop Original Marines 4 floor ORIGINAL MARINES is a store of bright and beautiful children's clothes and shoes with a true Italian charm Shop PETIT BATEAU 4 floor Petit Bateau presents a wide range of underwear and home clothes for children and adults, as well as children's t-shirts and shirts, dresses and skirts, trousers, sweaters, jackets and much more. Shop PLANETTOYS 4 floor Planettoys - a store for children's toys and products for children in Kiev Shop Sanetta 4 floor Sanetta - German store of high-quality children's underwear, pajamas and loungewear from birth to 16 years Shop The Kid 4 floor The Kid is a global brand for children. Large selection of goods. Shop White White 4 floor White White - baby clothes and products for the little ones.