Shop Anabel Arto 3 floor Anabel Arto. Lingerie which gives you a holiday spirit!Here you will find:-lingerie-home clothes-ladies and men's top and underwear jersey-tights and socks -swimwear
Shop Chantal store 2 floor Chantal - women's underwear shop
Shop FALKE 1 floor FALKE - German store of exquisite legswear for women, men, sports, menswear, as well as the Burlington brand.
Shop Giulia 0 floor GIULIA - the best store to buy tights, stockings, fashion-forward leggings, socks, sleepwear and clothes made in UA.
Shop Hanro 1 floor HANRO – the most famous worldwide manufacturer store of luxury Men’s and Women’s underwear, nightwear and luxury loungewear.
Shop Kleo 3 floor The Kleo branded underwear store is a combination of modern fashion trends and national preferences, which are embodied in something more than a beautiful female accessory.
Shop Kigurumka 3 floor Kigurumi is different! Fun parties, a variety of games with children who will be delighted with their mother, dressing up as a favorite cartoon character, or bold outlets to the nearest store!
Shop Marc & Andre 3 floor Marc & André is a French brand of lingerie, swimwear and home wear. Marc & André collections ideally highlight the beauty and originality of the female body. After all, the woman’s wardrobe is incomplete without beautiful underwear, stylish swimsuits and high-quality comfortable home clothing. Over the years, Marc & André has embellished the lives of women around the world, offering customers high-quality, stylish, sophisticated and comfortable products.
Shop OYSHO 2 floor Oysho - the Spanish manufacturer of women's underwear, as well as swimwear, home clothes, knitted things and accessories.
Shop women’secret 2 floor women’secret is a Spanish brand offering underwear, sleepwear, accessories and swimwear for women.
Shop Yamamay 2 floor Yamamay is an Italian lingerie, swimwear and homewear brand. Collections of Yamamay pleased women from all over the world with exquisite and trendy sets. Yamamay store - an inexhaustible source of delight and inspiration: an iconic Italian quality, luxurious materials, trendy styles, impeccable fitting and a pleasant pricing policy!
Shop К-маркет 2 floor "K-Market" is a retail network of specialized tights stores