Collections of the ProMenu store inspire the preparation of culinary masterpieces. Offering a wide selection of kitchen utensils, gadgets for cooking delicious dishes, cocktails and drinks, coffee machines and literature, the store forms a real cult of cooking. ProMenu products are unique and suitable for experienced chefs and those who only know the basics of preparing delicious dishes. The goods of the store are called to become the heart of the culinary process, as well as its final note, allowing to create a complete image of the conceived masterpiece with the help of an exclusive and bright set of dishes.

Shop LILIT ART STORE 2 floor LILIT ART STORE is art gift shop by Lilit SarkisianAbout Lilit SarkisianLilit Sarkisian is a famous fashion illustrator and artist. For many years, Lilit has been creating prints and illustrations for well-established European and Ukrainian designers.In 2016, she launched her own brand IIIIT SARKISIAN featuring clothes with unique prints.There are several reasons why her collections stand out: minimalist style, monochrome, one-of-a-kind prints, and smooth watercolours.Each print is created by hand using watercolour and ink, and then transferred on to clothes.The highest quality prints guarantee that the prints won’t fade, crack, or wash away. Shop Butlers 2 floor BUTLERS is a retail chain of more than 150 stores across Europe. German brand, which offers a wide range of gifts, household products, decor, furniture pieces and accessories with a highest European quality. BUTLERS operates 11 stores in best shopping malls in Ukraine, out of them 7 are in Kyiv and other 4 located in the biggest cities Dnipro, Odesa, Lviv and Kherson. BUTLERS assortment is constantly refreshing by useful and unique home products! Each of BUTLERS stores fulfilled with atmosphere of festivity, warmth and harmony. Inside the store you will find ready-made solutions for serving a festive table, for outdoor holiday in a countryside, as well as original ideas for gifts to your relatives, colleagues and friends. Meanwhile, our consultants will always help you to make the best choice. Shop PRESENTIME 3 floor PRESENTIME - a store of fashionable gifts of a new format Shop MUZA HOME 4 floor MUZA HOME - quality home goods, luxury bedding, sleeping décor and sleep products.