Clothes and shoes

Shop 2XU 3 floor 2XU (Two Times You) is a sports compression clothing for fans and sportsmen who prefer innovative materials and technologies, pay close attention to their health and improve their efficiency wherever possible.
Shop Anabel Arto 3 floor Anabel Arto. Lingerie which gives you a holiday spirit!Here you will find:-lingerie-home clothes-ladies and men's top and underwear jersey-tights and socks -swimwear
Shop Chantal store 2 floor Chantal - women's underwear shop
Shop Cropp Town 3 floor Cropp town - a fashion store for young people and teenagers
Shop Eterna 1 floor The best men's shirts, women's blouses and accessories are offered to you by the official Eterna boutique.
Shop FALKE 1 floor FALKE - German store of exquisite legswear for women, men, sports, menswear, as well as the Burlington brand.
Shop Franttini 2 floor This is an exclusive product for people with good taste - a classic in which restraint and originality are successfully combined with fashion trends.
Shop Giulia 0 floor GIULIA - the best store to buy tights, stockings, fashion-forward leggings, socks, sleepwear and clothes made in UA.
Shop GD Cashmere 2 floor GD CASHMERE - manufacturer of knitted (knitted) clothing made of cashmere, merino wool, silk, cotton. We create unique, comfortable, cozy, beautiful products from elite Italian yarn for you. We give you comfort every day.
Shop Hanro 1 floor HANRO – the most famous worldwide manufacturer store of luxury Men’s and Women’s underwear, nightwear and luxury loungewear.
Shop HOUSE 3 floor HOUSE - a store of modern, budget clothing for youth and adolescents
Shop Kleo 3 floor The Kleo branded underwear store is a combination of modern fashion trends and national preferences, which are embodied in something more than a beautiful female accessory.
Shop Kigurumka 3 floor Kigurumi is different! Fun parties, a variety of games with children who will be delighted with their mother, dressing up as a favorite cartoon character, or bold outlets to the nearest store!
Shop Lacoste 1 floor Lacoste is a french company of clothing, footwear, perfumes, glasses, watches and various leather products.
Shop LERROS 2 floor LERROS creates everyday clothes from natural fabrics and combines free style with German restraint.
Shop Marc & Andre 3 floor Marc & André is a French brand of lingerie, swimwear and home wear. Marc & André collections ideally highlight the beauty and originality of the female body. After all, the woman’s wardrobe is incomplete without beautiful underwear, stylish swimsuits and high-quality comfortable home clothing. Over the years, Marc & André has embellished the lives of women around the world, offering customers high-quality, stylish, sophisticated and comfortable products.
Shop OYSHO 2 floor Oysho - the Spanish manufacturer of women's underwear, as well as swimwear, home clothes, knitted things and accessories.
Shop women’secret 2 floor women’secret is a Spanish brand offering underwear, sleepwear, accessories and swimwear for women.
Shop Yamamay 2 floor Yamamay is an Italian lingerie, swimwear and homewear brand. Collections of Yamamay pleased women from all over the world with exquisite and trendy sets. Yamamay store - an inexhaustible source of delight and inspiration: an iconic Italian quality, luxurious materials, trendy styles, impeccable fitting and a pleasant pricing policy!
Shop К-маркет 2 floor "K-Market" is a retail network of specialized tights stores