Jewelry, watches

Shop DEKA 1 floor Deca is the number one watch store in Ukraine. In order to emphasize their status, individuality and exquisite taste, to create their own unique style – DECA has been helping its customers to express themselves by an acquisition of branded watches for more than 25 years. Shop Elizabeth Jewellery 1 floor Elizabeth Jewelry is present on the shelves of the store as a classic - it is products and collections timeless, which are always relevant, as well as capsule VIP collections in line with world trends with the addition of Ukrainian authenticity.  Shop Eden Diam 1 floor Eden diam is a jewelry manufacturing company that has been creating diamond jewelry in Kiev since 2009. Shop LOVE YOU 1 floor Jewelry house LOVE YOU –  your jewelry expert in the art of gifts. Shop O bag Ukraine 2 floor O bag Ukraine is the official representative of the Italian brand O bag in Ukraine. Shop Pandora 1 floor The PANDORA jewelry brand is well-known all over the world through designs manufactures and markets hand-finished and contemporary jewelry made from high-quality materials at affordable prices. Shop Style avenue 1 floor Style Avenue is a well-known European Jewelery House, which for more than 17 years has been delighting its fans with stunning designer ornaments. Shop Secunda is a clock for everyone! 2 floor More than 25 years, the chain of watch stores «Secunda» has been providing its customers a wide range of products from world famous brands:         Elegant and impeccably accurate Swiss watches: CERTINA, BALMAIN, TISSOT, EDOX, ORIS, SWISS MILITARY HANOWA, HANOWA, etc;          Tough and reliable CASIO with its legendary collections: G-SHOCK, PRO TRECK, EDIFICE and BABY-G;          Stylish and fashion watches: FOSSIL, DIESEL, DKNY, OBAKU, etc.Having become the owner of a trendy and bright accessory such as a watch, you will show your individuality, your style and will always catch admiring glances on you.Buying a watch in the stores «Secunda», you can be sure that you will get the original watch and not worry about their quality and high service.Appreciate, take care and manage your time with «Secunda»! Shop Steel Evolution 2 floor Steel Evolution - jewelry made of medical, surgical and stainless steel. Shop SRIBNA KRAINA 0 floor SRIBNA KRAINA is a chain of stylish silver jewelry stores.The assortment of silver jewelry meets modern trends in jewelry fashion and is regularly updated. Exclusive collections attract special attention. Shop SOVA 1 floor SOVA is a jewelry trendsetter brand that uses collections to introduce new goods and demonstrates bravery, willingness to experiments and freedom. Shop TOUS 1 floor TOUS is a famous Spanish jewelry brand, founded in 1920. The distinctive feature of the brand is the innovative design that is complied with traditions and outstanding quality.Brand logo is the Bear. Shop ZARINA 1 floor The Corner of ZARINA Jewelry House presents up-to-date and exquisite jewelry collections from a real trend-setter of the Ukrainian jewelry business Shop Золотой Век Fashion 1 floor Jewelry Island Zolotyi Vik Fashion with a modern format of presentation of jewelry invites you to get acquainted with a wide range of fashion.