Shop 925 Silver Jewellery 2 floor 925 - a jewelry store in silver, white and red gold. Everyone will be able to find jewelry for themselves or choose a great gift. Shop Brilliant 1 floor Brilliant - jewelry, a large selection of designs, for everyone will find something special for themselves. Shop Chronicles 4 floor Chronicles is the young brand of jewelry made of natural Ukrainian amber. Shop Dominant Diamonds 1 floor Dominant Diamonds Diamond Salons - Premium Gold Jewelry Shops. The idea of creating exclusive mono-branded salons originated a long time ago, the company sought to highlight the premium segment, to emphasize its status and the uniqueness of the stones that adorn the precious brand products. Shop DEKA 1 floor Deca is the number one watch store in Ukraine. In order to emphasize their status, individuality and exquisite taste, to create their own unique style – DECA has been helping its customers to express themselves by an acquisition of branded watches for more than 25 years. Shop Golden Club 1 floor Golden Club is a jewelry store. A wide selection of rings, gold bracelets and other jewelry, consistently high quality products, prices that make your purchase even more enjoyable. Shop Lavus 1 floor Lavus Jewelery is a company representing jewelry made of gold and silver from leading European and global manufacturers, such brands as Roberto Bravo (Italy), Guerci Pallavidini (Italy), Misis (Italy), Pasquale Bruni (Italy), Antonellis (Belgium) and others. Shop MIR BRENDOV 3 floor MIR BRENDOV - original jewelry store. Jewelry from famous international brands. Shop O bag Ukraine 2 floor O bag Ukraine is the official representative of the Italian brand O bag in Ukraine. Shop Pandora 1 floor The PANDORA jewelry brand is well-known all over the world through designs manufactures and markets hand-finished and contemporary jewelry made from high-quality materials at affordable prices. Shop Roberto Bravo‎ 1 floor Roberto Bravo is a brand for those who feel special, who do not tolerate uniformity, and for whom jewelry is a reflection of the inner world. The motto of "Roberto Bravo" is design above all. Shop SOVA 1 floor SOVA, jewelry house is a new name in the world of beauty and perfection! Shop Steel Evolution 2 floor Steel Evolution - jewelry made of medical, surgical and stainless steel. Shop Stone Planet 2 floor Stone Planet store offers a wide selection of jewelry made of silver and gold with inserts of precious and semiprecious stones. In our products we use only high quality natural stones. Here you will find ruby, sapphire, emerald, tourmaline, aquamarine, morganite, heliodor, moonstone, different types of opals and garnets, as well as many other stones.Since its foundation in 2006, Stone Planet has been a regular participant in international jewelry exhibitions. Today, TM Stone Planet is an original and interesting jewelry made in a laconic design, with an emphasis on the beauty of the stone, as well as author's, one of a kind products with premium stones.Our jewelry will emphasize your personality! Shop Style avenue 1 floor Style Avenue is a well-known European Jewelery House, which for more than 17 years has been delighting its fans with stunning designer ornaments. Shop TheWatch 2 floor TheWatch is a multi-brand shop of original wristwatches with an absolutely new concept of retail point and interactive online storefronts.  Shop Time Bar 1 floor Time Bar is the official supplier of watches: GUESS, GC, Claude Bernard, Furla, Maserati, 33 ELEMENT, Lee Cooper. Shop TOUS 1 floor TOUS is a famous Spanish jewelry brand, founded in 1920. The distinctive feature of the brand is the innovative design that is complied with traditions and outstanding quality.Brand logo is the Bear. Shop ZARINA 1 floor ZARINA - jewelery, created in the style of classic fashion for unique look. Shop Zolotoy Vek 0 floor "Zolotoy Vek" is a jewelry brand, which is one of the largest manufacturer of high quality jewelry in Ukraine, it has more than 200 brand stores all over Ukraine.In "Zolotoy Vek" you can not only choose a product of high quality at an affordable price, but also keep your happy moments in jewelry!