House is a popular brand of clothing, shoes, accessories in a youth style. This is the embodiment of current trends, youth, freedom and independence. House stores offer an alternative vision of fashion that allows you to stay special, always be in the spotlight. The assortment of branded boutiques invariably includes comfortable boyfriend jeans, T-shirts with original prints, sneakers and skaters with a unique design. Also, affordable prices remain an important advantage. Every season, the collections of House in Kiev are updated, opening up inexhaustible opportunities for the formation of a personal style.

Shop Aeronautica Militare 1 floor

Aeronautica Militare is a premium Italian brand created for those who love adrenaline, meet adventures bravely and are used to feeling freedom in every move!

Shop Polo Ralph Lauren 1 floor

The cult authentic clothing of the American brand Polo Ralph Lauren is expensive but at the same time laconic, fashionable, but independent of the fleeting fashion. Polo shirt with polo player logo, vintage denim, things with American symbols, sweater with a bear, dark blue blazer are the most significant elements of the brand. They are presented at the Polo Ralph Lauren store in a wide assortment of both men's and women's collections. The design of the store updates the very essence of the Polo Ralph Lauren brand with an American accent in every detail. A variety of colors and textures creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere of a country house on the East Coast.

Shop Bershka 2 floor

BERSHKA store is the best place where you can come for fashionable looks if you are young, energetic and open to everything new and bright. The network trade mark pleases its fans with original collections every season. Bershka clothing is versatile and suitable for every day. Here you can also find fresh and non-trivial ideas for party outfits. The main thing - don't forget about accessories and shoes! In the brand store you will find all the elements you need to create the best expressive looks. Don't miss out on seasonal updates!

Shop Maje 1 floor

Maje is a French brand of premium clothing designed for people with imagination and increased style requirements.