Arena - is a network of sportswear and clothing stores in casual style. The assortment of the store, located in the Gulliver shopping and entertainment center, offers clothes, shoes, accessories for an active lifestyle and everyday use. Buyers will find in Arena compression and thermal underwear, bags, backpacks, sneakers, outerwear and other goods needed to facilitate physical activity and achieve the set results. The Arena store is the official dealer of the brands Saucony, Sperry, CMP, therefore it offers only original clothes and shoes from leading manufacturers.

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Adidas is the  №1 brand among manufacturers of sports shoes, apparel and accessories. The branded boutiques present stylish and functional collections for women, men and children. In the Adidas store, which is located in the Gulliver shopping center, you will find a huge range of original brand products: clothes for everyday wear, fitness, team sports, outdoor recreation. These are premium quality products designed for an active lifestyle. In the Adidas boutique in Kiev you will find a large selection of accessories, sports equipment: bags and hats, balls, etc. Clothes and footwear from this manufacturer are designed to complement your individual style, highlight the dignity of your figure and make reaching new heights of success comfortable. 

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Fitness Factor is a place where everyone will find something that will benefit his body. We have just original and certified products, 18 leading brands  you can find at our stores, because we regularly analyze customer reviews and update the product range to be better for our customers .

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New Balance - the popular American brand of sportswear and footwear

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Under Armor brand was founded in 1996 by American footballer Kevin Plank. And although today it is deservedly one of the most technologically advanced in the world, the company began its path to success with a small personal capital of Kevin and a garage format for sewing products. Ander Armor officially provides equipment for American sports teams and is a favorite among professional athletes of various sports categories. In the assortment of the brand shoes, underwear, accessories and clothing for effective workouts.