GD Cashmere

GD CASHMERE - manufacturer of knitted (knitted) clothing from cashmere, merino wool, silk, cotton. Creates unique, comfortable, cozy, beautiful products from elite Italian yarn.

Clothing from GD CASHMERE is an excellent base for every wardrobe, the brand creates clothes for the whole family. There are models of a freer format for walking and relaxing, and there is also a choice of a formal image for office and business meetings. Clothing is made in neutral, warm colors, which will allow you to combine the purchased item with the rest of the wardrobe. GD CASHMERE is focused on the buyer, who makes a choice on quality and comfort.

Shop SPRINGFIELD 2 floor

SPRINGFIELD– a youth-oriented casual fashion brand

Shop Under Armour 3 floor

Under Armor brand was founded in 1996 by American footballer Kevin Plank. And although today it is deservedly one of the most technologically advanced in the world, the company began its path to success with a small personal capital of Kevin and a garage format for sewing products. Ander Armor officially provides equipment for American sports teams and is a favorite among professional athletes of various sports categories. In the assortment of the brand shoes, underwear, accessories and clothing for effective workouts.

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Arber is a well known menswear brand that successfully combines tailoring art trends with global fashion trends.

Shop Aviatsiya Halychyny 3 floor

We are an Ukrainian clothing brand for those who feel the wings behind their backs (or would like to…)

We started to create clothes in 2015 inspired by the new Ukrainian army, especially by our new Air Forces. The army that we once had was restored because of the need to defend our borders and that is why it became our new symbol of freedom.

Our brand “Aviatsiya Halychyny” (transliteration of Galician aviation) appeared by creating a series of polo shirts about Ukrainian Air Forces. It was a successful launch so we developed the product range and marked all our clothes as Proudly made in Ukraine.

We would like to share the new Ukrainian values with all the world! From Ihor Sikorsky to the biggest aircraft “MRIYA” – we have so many inspiring persons and things to speak out about!

Join us! Freedom is always in trend.