Marc Cain

Fashion MARC CAIN - is not similar to anything and at the same time true to itself.

Recognizable and unique.

The main principle of creating collections is the idea of ​​combining., I.e., the possibility of combining various wardrobe items. By combination in MARC CAIN they understand not only the perfect selection of individual parts, but, above all, the skillful combination of seemingly incompatible items of clothing. The meeting of opposites, creating, in spite of everything, a complete look. A refreshing and sophisticated mix of styles that combines a variety of silhouettes and materials. The resulting heat creates a new understanding of the term "STYLE" - a style from MARC CAIN.

At the same time, the path of the fashion brand MARC CAIN and its brands MARC CAIN Collections, MARC CAIN Sports is determined by the corporate philosophy, combining the following principles: an understanding of art and a sense of beauty combined with ease and naturalness, as well as innovative ideas and exclusivity. In addition, our credo is the highest requirements for design, quality, materials and modern methods of processing cut.

MARC CAIN Collections, the brand’s main brand, is a reflection of international trends in its own style and class.

MARC CAIN Sports is casual casual clothing: original, athletic, personifying vital energy. The brand combines the expression of fashion and youth with functionality and self-confidence.

Woman choosing MARC CAIN - what is she? She lives today. She is confident, open to new, inquisitive. She enjoys being a woman. Her clothes are her self-expression. She wants to stand out - and she does it consciously, but in her own way. Easy and natural. She lives her thoughts and feelings. That's noticeable. It is also noticeable that a secret is hidden behind all this.