The French brand Sandro offers the "romantic rock" style trendy collections of clothes and accessories of the luxury segment to the admirers of such style. Brand Sandro allows you to feel like a real Parisian, plunge into the culture of this romantic country, having felt its motives. The brand's clothing and footwear simultaneously combine high style, enclosed in street styles with eccentric elements, and high-quality materials: natural leather, drapes, cotton, etc. Sandro shop offers premium shopping for those who appreciate themselves and know the sense in the fashion of France.

Shop Polo Ralph Lauren 1 floor The cult authentic clothing of the American brand Polo Ralph Lauren is expensive but at the same time laconic, fashionable, but independent of the fleeting fashion. Polo shirt with polo player logo, vintage denim, things with American symbols, sweater with a bear, dark blue blazer are the most significant elements of the brand. They are presented at the Polo Ralph Lauren store in a wide assortment of both men's and women's collections. The design of the store updates the very essence of the Polo Ralph Lauren brand with an American accent in every detail. A variety of colors and textures creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere of a country house on the East Coast. Shop STRADIVARIUS 2 floor STRADIVARIUS - Spanish brand of youth clothing Shop SPRINGFIELD 2 floor SPRINGFIELD– a youth-oriented casual fashion brand Shop Aviatsiya Halychyny 3 floor We are an Ukrainian clothing brand for those who feel the wings behind their backs (or would like to…)We started to create clothes in 2015 inspired by the new Ukrainian army, especially by our new Air Forces. The army that we once had was restored because of the need to defend our borders and that is why it became our new symbol of freedom.Our brand “Aviatsiya Halychyny” (transliteration of Galician aviation) appeared by creating a series of polo shirts about Ukrainian Air Forces. It was a successful launch so we developed the product range and marked all our clothes as Proudly made in Ukraine.We would like to share the new Ukrainian values with all the world! From Ihor Sikorsky to the biggest aircraft “MRIYA” – we have so many inspiring persons and things to speak out about!Join us! Freedom is always in trend.