English home

English Home is a network of home textile salons. Here you will find luxurious bed linen, elegant tablecloths and carpets, decorative products for interior decoration. Branded stores rely on exceptional quality and modern design. English Home textiles are made of calico, satin, natural silk, bamboo. A wide range of colors allows you to choose the perfect addition to any interior. Employees of English Home boutiques in Kiev are ready to tell in detail about the characteristics of each product, to help with the selection of products for your home or as a gift.

Shop Zara Home 2 floor

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Zara Home is a home fashion, decorative fabrics and products of guaranteed quality and affordable prices.

Shop ProMenu 4 floor

ProMenu - the shop of kitchen emotions. Collections of the ProMenu store inspire the preparation of culinary masterpieces.

Shop Gipfel 0 floor

German company Gipfel has been developing and producing hi-tech models of high-quality and environment-friendly cookware for many years. Our goal is to inspire customers to create fine cuisine, to simplify their cooking process as much as possible, to add warmth and comfort to their homes, and fill their days with new flavors.  Thanks to the efforts of our professional team we cope well with such tasks. All products are user-friendly and provide impressive performance. Each model is well-designed and meets the standards and requirements of customers.

Not only professional chefs but also ordinary customers, who appreciate the joy of the unique taste and aroma of delicious dishes at home, choose our goods.  Enjoy the no muss, no fuss morning cup of coffee with a homemade croissant or a festal dinner by Gipfel. We offer a wide range of tableware which makes simple and exquisite dishes easy to cook and make any culinary dream come true. Discover our pots, pans, professional cooking utensils and a lot more!

Shop Butlers 2 floor

BUTLERS is a retail chain of more than 150 stores across Europe. German brand, which offers a wide range of gifts, household products, decor, furniture pieces and accessories with a highest European quality. BUTLERS operates 11 stores in best shopping malls in Ukraine, out of them 7 are in Kyiv and other 4 located in the biggest cities Dnipro, Odesa, Lviv and Kherson. BUTLERS assortment is constantly refreshing by useful and unique home products! Each of BUTLERS stores fulfilled with atmosphere of festivity, warmth and harmony. Inside the store you will find ready-made solutions for serving a festive table, for outdoor holiday in a countryside, as well as original ideas for gifts to your relatives, colleagues and friends. Meanwhile, our consultants will always help you to make the best choice.