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The road is a constant companion of man. The spirit of the discoverer and traveler is indestructible in humans, living from ancient times to the present. The first bag, sewn from the skin of the primordial man, taught her to travel with nothing to her things, without fear of losing them. Millennia have passed, but the road also attracts people as before.
The modern world is hard to imagine without traveling and traveling: business and leisure, leisure and family.
The path should be convenient and comfortable, so bags and suitcases, backpacks and bags are collected, and regular travelers set off for the journey ...
Suitcases, travel bags and accessories stores are at your service
Customers of GULLIVER shopping mall can fully prepare for trips and trips by visiting branded stores offering a complete range of everything you need on the go:
• Suitcases and travel bags of all sizes and capacities, both hand and wheeled.
• Travel accessories of different styles, from classics to youth trends: umbrellas, gloves, belts, watches, and much, much more.
• Women's handbags from the world's most famous brands.
• A variety of backpacks on the go and for everyday wear.
• Men's and women's portfolios: classic, business, leather, contemporary.
• Bags for laptops and computer accessories.
• Clutches, purses, wallets, money clips and all that adds style and presentation.
The most famous world and domestic brands offer their products in our shopping mall:
Piquardo, CAT (CATERPILLAR), Carlton, National Geographic, Perletti, Happy Rain, Pierre Cardin, Saxoline, Delsy, Everky, Deuter, Ogio, Blunt, Epol, Trunki, Episode, Visconti, Bric's, O Bag, Sincera, Sumatra, Zara .
You can visit both trendy specialty handbags and department stores offering a full range of travel goods. You will have to spend a long time to find the most appropriate and well-liked products from all the variety of products offered, because all products are only of high quality, without counterfeits and cheap analogues.
GULLIVER is the best shopping and entertainment center in Kiev
Located in the heart of the capital, the mall at first sight attracts attention. At first, it is impressive in size - five floors of the megacomplex and a large parking lot near St. Sophia Cathedral, and there is also an underground parking. Inside the building strikes a large number of retail space, proven style and original design. Everything for shopping, entertainment and recreation is located within one mall. It will not be enough all day to study and consider all that the megacenter has to offer.
GULLIVER has become so popular that it is easy to meet domestic and foreign stars and celebrities. The center hosts concerts and exhibitions, author nights and autograph sessions, world premieres and festivals.
A special chord is the pride of our national figures of theater, cinema, music and sports, in honor of which the "Square of Stars" was opened. Named stars forever preserved the achievements of the most famous Ukrainians.
When planning to visit the GULLIVER shopping and entertainment center, be prepared to dive into the colorful, colorful world of shopping, leisure and entertainment, interesting people and unusual situations that you do not want to leave quickly!