Shop anyBag 3 floor anyBag is a chain of fashion handbags and accessories stores. Our company was founded in 2006 and during this time our range is constantly expanding.
Shop Attribute 2 floor Attribute is a network of boutiques of exclusive accessories and gifs
Shop ANDRE TAN KIDS 4 floor ANDRE TAN KIDS - a store of trendy clothes for children, from 3 to 10 years of age, by famous Ukrainian designer Andre Tan. The store offers a wide selection of high quality clothes. In these outfits, your kid will feel comfortable no matter what he is busy with, whereas parents will enjoy reasonable prices.
Shop Brilliant 1 floor Brilliant - jewelry, a large selection of designs, for everyone will find something special for themselves.
Shop BAGSTON 3 floor You are going on a trip, vacation, business trip or you just need a gift - contact us. In the BAGSTON store you will find a huge selection of suitcases, backpacks and travel accessories from world-renowned brands such as Carlton, CAT, National Geographic, Jump, Volkswagen, Deuter and many more. Our consultants will help you choose exactly what you need!
Shop Chronicles 4 floor Chronicles is the young brand of jewelry made of natural Ukrainian amber.
Shop ESPRIT 2 floor ESPRIT produces casual and business clothing, accessories, etc. The brand relies on practical and affordable items made from quality materials. This approach was appreciated by customers in more than 40 countries.
Shop Hobby Games 4 floor Shop Hobby World invites consumers who are tired of playing the card game "Fool", and they want to turn their meetings with friends into a new format. A wide range of board games and collectible card games, presented in the store Hobby World, will create a completely different atmosphere, transfer to the world of intrigue and new emotions, which are breathtaking. Thanks to the collection of board games you will lose track of time, feel a wave of positive and you will have fun from the heart in the circle of closest ones and relatives.
Shop Lavus 1 floor Lavus Jewelery is a company representing jewelry made of gold and silver from leading European and global manufacturers, such brands as Roberto Bravo (Italy), Guerci Pallavidini (Italy), Misis (Italy), Pasquale Bruni (Italy), Antonellis (Belgium) and others.
Shop LMI - floor LMI - high quality leather belts, wallets and accessories.
Shop MIR BRENDOV 3 floor MIR BRENDOV - original jewelry store. Jewelry from world famous brands.Here you will find your unique accessory that will make your look complete. There are classic models, and more informal ones, for those who prefer casual style, or vice versa wants to dilute the laconic image with an interesting detail. Friendly consultants will help you in the selection of jewelry, talk about modern trends.
Shop O bag Ukraine 2 floor O bag Ukraine is the official representative of the Italian brand O bag in Ukraine.
Shop Piquadro 3 floor Boutique PIQUADRO world-famous Italian brand offers exquisite leather galantrae of the highest quality: purse, portfolios, clutches
Shop Roeckl 1 floor Roeckl - German store of high-quality gloves and fashion accessories from Munich: foulards, scarves, bags.
Shop Stone Planet 2 floor Stone Planet store offers a wide selection of jewelry made of silver and gold with inserts of precious and semiprecious stones. In our products we use only high quality natural stones. Here you will find ruby, sapphire, emerald, tourmaline, aquamarine, morganite, heliodor, moonstone, different types of opals and garnets, as well as many other stones.Since its foundation in 2006, Stone Planet has been a regular participant in international jewelry exhibitions. Today, TM Stone Planet is an original and interesting jewelry made in a laconic design, with an emphasis on the beauty of the stone, as well as author's, one of a kind products with premium stones.Our jewelry will emphasize your personality!
Shop Sumatra 2 floor Sumatra - shop of bags, travel suitcases, backpacks and accessories. The assortment is represented by high-quality products, which includes natural materials, practicality, spaciousness and comfort in wearing, uniqueness and refinement in design.
Shop Thomas Sabo - floor Thomas Sabo is an innovative, international lifestyle company, which manufactures jewelry, watches and beauty products for fashion-aware men and women. The history of the brand started in 1984, when young designer Thomas Sabo opened his own studio in Bavaria and began to create flawless quality and design silver jewelry.
Shop TOUS 1 floor TOUS is a famous Spanish jewelry brand, founded in 1920. The distinctive feature of the brand is the innovative design that is complied with traditions and outstanding quality.Brand logo is the Bear.
Shop Zara Home 2 floor Zara Home is a home fashion, decorative fabrics and products of guaranteed quality and affordable prices.