Shop 4travel 3 floor 4travel - chain stores of bags, luggage and accessories from worldwide brands. "With us always by the way!" Shop All Stars 3 floor ALL STARS multibrand stores have wide assortment of sport-style footwear, apparel and accessories. Shop ANDRE TAN KIDS 4 floor ANDRE TAN KIDS - a store of trendy clothes for children, from 3 to 10 years of age, by famous Ukrainian designer Andre Tan. The store offers a wide selection of high quality clothes. In these outfits, your kid will feel comfortable no matter what he is busy with, whereas parents will enjoy reasonable prices. Shop Antonio Biaggi 3 floor Antonio Biaggi is a modern brand of footwear and accessories Shop anyBag 3 floor anyBag is a chain of fashion handbags and accessories stores. Our company was founded in 2006 and during this time our range is constantly expanding. Shop Attribute 2 floor Attribute is a network of boutiques of exclusive accessories and gifs Shop Collection Adam 3 floor For more than 20 years, the collection Collection Adam has been producing collections that meet the latest fashion trends. A collection of fabrics every two to three weeks is replenished with new samples, each of which is characterized by a unique character among fabrics of the same series and color. Due to this, in our regular assortment there is a wide choice of neckties of the most fashionable design. Shop Frank Walder 2 floor Frank Walder is a multi-brand store of women's clothing, footwear and original accessories Shop glo™ studio 1 floor glo™ studio - store of fundamentally new and technological approach of tobacco heating. glo™ studio is designed to express key glo™ imperatives: style, technology and comfort. The store has glo™ tobacco heating devices, wide assortment of specially developed heating sticks and the best service to introduce new technology to our visitors. Shop Hobby Games 4 floor Shop Hobby World invites consumers who are tired of playing the card game "Fool", and they want to turn their meetings with friends into a new format. A wide range of board games and collectible card games, presented in the store Hobby World, will create a completely different atmosphere, transfer to the world of intrigue and new emotions, which are breathtaking. Thanks to the collection of board games you will lose track of time, feel a wave of positive and you will have fun from the heart in the circle of closest ones and relatives. Shop Idea shop 0 floor Idea shop invites visitors to discover the world of all sorts of pleasant little things, accessories and gadgets. Here you will find everything you need for your daily life. Stylish containers for liquids, strong lunchboxes, reliable thermo-crockery, various cups for hot drinks, stationery, multifunctional gadgets, gifts for any holiday - the assortment has more than 10 000 items, among which you will certainly find an interesting little thing. Each item of the product has an attractive look. A pleasant bonus for buyers will be the loyal price policy of the store. Shop Lavus 1 floor Lavus Jewelery is a company representing jewelry made of gold and silver from leading European and global manufacturers, such brands as Roberto Bravo (Italy), Guerci Pallavidini (Italy), Misis (Italy), Pasquale Bruni (Italy), Antonellis (Belgium) and others. Shop LILIT ART STORE 2 floor LILIT ART STORE is art gift shop by Lilit SarkisianAbout Lilit SarkisianLilit Sarkisian is a famous fashion illustrator and artist. For many years, Lilit has been creating prints and illustrations for well-established European and Ukrainian designers.In 2016, she launched her own brand IIIIT SARKISIAN featuring clothes with unique prints.There are several reasons why her collections stand out: minimalist style, monochrome, one-of-a-kind prints, and smooth watercolours.Each print is created by hand using watercolour and ink, and then transferred on to clothes.The highest quality prints guarantee that the prints won’t fade, crack, or wash away. Shop LMI 3 floor LMI - high quality leather belts, wallets and accessories. Shop Luca Maison 2 floor Luca Maison is an English brand of shoes and accessories. The brand offers seasonal collections of women's and men's shoes, handbags, wallets, as well as shoe cosmetics. The Luca Maison brand is a manufacturer of its products. Model production is concentrated in Italy and Turkey. Shop Lucky Look 2 floor LuckyLOOK - the first Ukrainian brand hats and sunglasses that specializes in their professional selection. Shop LUXAN 3 floor LUXAN - headwear, leather goods and handbags store. Shop Marc & Andre 3 floor Marc & André is a French brand of lingerie, swimwear and home wear. Marc & André collections ideally highlight the beauty and originality of the female body. After all, the woman’s wardrobe is incomplete without beautiful underwear, stylish swimsuits and high-quality comfortable home clothing. Over the years, Marc & André has embellished the lives of women around the world, offering customers high-quality, stylish, sophisticated and comfortable products. Shop Marc Cain 1 floor Fashion MARC CAIN - is not similar to anything and at the same time true to itself.Recognizable and unique. Shop Mavi step 0 floor Mavi step - cosmetics for shoes and orthopedic insoles