Watsons is a large network of household chemistry stores with their own philosophy and principles of work. On the shelves of the store you can find a variety of products for the body, hair, skin of the face, hands, feet care; Means to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in the house; Cosmetics and perfumery. A distinctive feature of the store is the presentation of exclusive brands that can rarely be found in wide consumption. Watsons shops offer high-quality products of proven and reliable manufacturers, selling their goods at reasonable and pleasant prices.

Shop Kilian 1 floor This is a unique luxury space filled with delicate products of a luxury perfume house.  Shop Asian Beauty 1 floor Is the first ever multibrand shop that offers the latest trends and highest standards of Korean cosmetics. Shop Inglot 1 floor Inglot - a training center for make-up art. The company organizes seminars, trainings and events for new and loyal customers, during which the leading Ukrainian make-up artist Slava Chaika talks about the basics of make-up, teaches how to use the products, recommends and selects the best options depending on skin type, face shape, attire etc. Inglot Center constantly creates special offers and bonuses for clients, remaining the unchallenged leader of the make-up courses, teaching women to emphasize their advantages with the help of high-quality professional cosmetics. Shop Люксоптика 2 floor Luxoptica is the largest national operator in the Ukrainian optical market with a 22-year history. The network has more than 140 optics.The ophthalmologist works daily in each optic and provides a full range of services: diagnosis of vision on modern equipment produced in Japan and Germany, the choice of glasses or soft contact lenses, glasses manufacturing/repair, warranty and post-warranty service. All goods, which are represented in Luxoptica are original and certified.The store has a wide selection of frames and sunglasses from well-known world brands: Carerra, Ray-Ban, Guess, Max & Co, Police, Marc Jacobs, Chopard, Dior, Max Mara, Vogue, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Rodenstock, Porsche Design, Gucci, E.Zegna ; Own trade marks - Exo, Sunderson, Casta, Best. For the convenience of clients, an online store operates in Luxoptica. Delivery and fitting are available.