Shop AUTO МОЙКА 2 P- floor AUTO МОЙКА - it is your comfortable car wash in the business heart of the capital of Ukraine!  Shop Atelier 3 floor Atelier for repair of clothes Skilled weaver provides services ✓repair of all types of clothing ✓repair of fur and leather products ✓replacement of sewing accessories ✓selection of all types of fabrics, leather, fur and sewing accessories Shop APL Travel 4 floor APL Travel was founded in 2006. Today APL Travel is one of the leaders in the tourism industry of Ukraine. Shop 0 floor is the easiest and most affordable way to buy a ticket for any event held in Ukraine. Concerts of popular Ukrainian and foreign stars and groups, events in bars, clubs, on the outskirts of nature - tickets for any show can be bought in one place.  Shop DENTAL CARE OFFICE 6 floor It is not a clinic! It is an office! It is a new dental care culture  Shop Jewelry Repair 1 P- floor Jewelry Repair Shop Krasyviy podarok 0 floor Packaging of gifts and accessories for the holiday. Shop Krasyviy podarok 2 on top - floor Packaging of gifts and accessories for the holiday. Shop Nova Poshta 0 floor Nova Poshta – fast and reliable delivery Shop Ruki-nozhnizi 2 floor Beauty Bar «Ruki-Nozhnitsi» is a beauty space in the center of Kyiv  Shop SKY FITNESS 10 floor SKY FITNESS - a network of sports clubs in the open air. The club area is divided into two parts.  Shop TEZ TOUR 4 floor TEZ TOUR is a high-quality service for tourists on the most popular destinations of foreign tourism. Professional managers who are well versed in the tourism market. We choose reliable airlines and the best hotels. We are able to offer ample opportunities for tourists to relax, organize an excursion to a seminar or conference, children's rest, VIP tours. Shop TM BRIGHT 'N' CLUB 1 P- floor Repair and restoration of shoes and haberdashery of any complexity.  Shop Vaccination center 2 floor Vaccination center against COVID-19  Shop Watch Repair 1 P- floor Watch repair of any complexity, 1 year warranty.Making curly glasses from sapphire, mineral.Restoration of buildings made of steel and precious metals.Making leather straps of exotic animals.Polishing jewelry. Glasses repair. Shop Касса кинотеатра “Оскар” 1 floor Cashier of the cinema "Oscar" Shop Ощадбанк 1 floor Ukrainian bank Shop Оренда парасольок - floor Rent of umbrellas Shop Фото-експрес 3 floor “Photo-express” – the whole range of photographic services.Top Albums and frames of world brands. We offer services such as: photos to documents,Xerox, printing, laminating, scanning, print on canvas, T-shirts, cases, cups, magnets, puzzles, large-format printing and so much more interesting.