Shop AUTO МОЙКА 2 P- floor AUTO МОЙКА - it is your comfortable car wash in the business heart of the capital of Ukraine!  Shop Atelier 3 floor Atelier for repair of clothes Skilled weaver provides services ✓repair of all types of clothing ✓repair of fur and leather products ✓replacement of sewing accessories ✓selection of all types of fabrics, leather, fur and sewing accessories Shop DENTAL CARE OFFICE 6 floor It is not a clinic! It is an office! It is a new dental care culture  Shop Jewelry Repair 1 P- floor Jewelry Repair Shop Krasyviy podarok 0 floor Packaging of gifts and accessories for the holiday. Shop Krasyviy podarok 2 on top - floor Packaging of gifts and accessories for the holiday. Shop Nova Poshta 0 floor Nova Poshta – fast and reliable delivery Shop Ruki-nozhnizi 2 floor Beauty Bar «Ruki-Nozhnitsi» is a beauty space in the center of Kyiv  Shop SKY FITNESS 10 floor SKY FITNESS - a network of sports clubs in the open air. The club area is divided into two parts.  Shop Shelter of Gulliver shopping center - floor Shop TM BRIGHT 'N' CLUB 1 P- floor Repair and restoration of shoes and haberdashery of any complexity.  Shop Vaccination center 2 floor Vaccination center against COVID-19  Shop Watch Repair 1 P- floor Watch repair of any complexity, 1 year warranty.Making curly glasses from sapphire, mineral.Restoration of buildings made of steel and precious metals.Making leather straps of exotic animals.Polishing jewelry. Glasses repair. Shop Касса кинотеатра “Оскар” 1 floor Cashier of the cinema "Oscar" Shop Ощадбанк 1 floor Ukrainian bank Shop Оренда парасольок - floor Rent of umbrellas Shop Фото-експрес 3 floor “Photo-express” – the whole range of photographic services.Top Albums and frames of world brands. We offer services such as: photos to documents,Xerox, printing, laminating, scanning, print on canvas, T-shirts, cases, cups, magnets, puzzles, large-format printing and so much more interesting.