Shelter of Gulliver shopping center

- floor

Dear visitors of Gulliver shopping center,
For your safety during martial law in the city of Kyiv, the territory of the underground parking lot level P-1 of the Gulliver shopping center can be used as a temporary shelter for the population.

When the "air alarm" signal is triggered:

1) In the premises of the shopping center and the Gulliver BC, the administration announces through the loudspeaker (internal radio) about the air alarm, the sounds of sirens are heard.
2) Shops and the food court in the Gulliver Shopping Center temporarily stop their work during the alarm.
3) All visitors, tenants and employees of the shopping center are recommended to go to the shelter in the underground parking lot of the shopping center and BC level P-1 or to the shelter at the metro stations Palac Sportu, Ploshcha Lva Tolstoy, Klovska.
4) Do not create a crowd, jostle and do not panic.
5) All exits of the mall are open for exit during an air alert.

Do not ignore the air warning signals and take care of yourself!