Loccitane - premium French cosmetics for body and hair care. The brand Loccitane differs from other companies producing cosmetics, by their philosophy. It is based on a love of nature and respect for mankind. Therefore, the composition of cosmetics includes only natural ingredients: essential oils, extracts from plants, berries, fruits. All products meet the principles of phyto-and aromatherapy, undergoes constant medical control. The production of packaging is aimed at maintaining the environment, therefore consumables for packaging boxes are absolutely harmless.

Shop Curaprox 0 floor

Curaprox - a shop of Swiss cosmetics and accessories for the teeth care and oral cavity

Shop BROCARD 1 floor

BROCARD is Ukrainian cosmetics and perfumery retail chain in the luxury segment, operating 95 stores in 25 cities.

Shop Dr. Vranjes 1 floor

Dr Vranjes is an Italian perfume company created by Dr. Paolo Vraniez - a pharmacist, chemist and cosmetologist, but above all a person who is able to express emotionally in a fashion accessible to her.

Shop NYX Professional Makeup 2 floor

NYX Professional Makeup is a well-known and world-favorite American brand of professional decorative cosmetics created for every girl who wants to emphasize her virtues and unleash her creative potential. Founded in 1999 in Los Angeles, the brand was named by the founders in honor of the ancient Greek goddess Nix - the personification of beauty and creativity. NYX Professional Makeup is known for its impressive variety of products, which has more than 2,000 different items - accessories and products for any kind of makeup and pre-care. NYX Professional Makeup is updated several times a year, delighting consumers with fresh new products and re-launches of favorite bestsellers in the beauty industry. In support of the company's professional heritage, NYX Professional Makeup works with many of the world's famous makeup artists. NYX makeup as a brand actively participates in professional makeup exhibitions, cooperates with makeup schools and generally has a great influence on the beauty-industry. NYX make-up will help you to create any image you want! The brand's products are represented in Gulliver Shopping Mall. We are waiting for you!