Men's clothes

Shop Arber 3 floor Arber is a well known menswear brand that successfully combines tailoring art trends with global fashion trends. Shop Aeronautica Militare 1 floor Aeronautica Militare is a premium Italian brand created for those who love adrenaline, meet adventures bravely and are used to feeling freedom in every move! Shop Bugatti 3 floor Bugatti is an iconic brand of premium quality clothing, shoes and accessories that has long been synonymous with style and status in modern society. The brand has been surrounded by a halo of prestige and progressiveness since the first coat was on sale. Today, manufacturers have significantly expanded the range to include elegant pants and pullovers, comfortable jeans, belts and bags.  Shop Best Bip& Tucker 2 floor Founded in 2005, the chain of branded clothing stores VVTfashiongroup has proven itself to be successful, dynamically developing, keeping pace with global fashion trends.Today, Best Bip& Tucker is more than 40 brands of men's shoes and accessories from leading European manufacturers. Shop Bershka 2 floor BERSHKA store is the best place where you can come for fashionable looks if you are young, energetic and open to everything new and bright. The network trade mark pleases its fans with original collections every season. Bershka clothing is versatile and suitable for every day. Here you can also find fresh and non-trivial ideas for party outfits. The main thing - don't forget about accessories and shoes! In the brand store you will find all the elements you need to create the best expressive looks. Don't miss out on seasonal updates! Shop Converse 3 floor The first (and the only one by now) official monobrand store of the well-known american brand Converse in Ukraine.  Shop Calvin Klein 1 floor The progressiveness and aesthetics of minimalism are the hallmarks of the Calvin Klein brand, which has been one of the most sought-after brands in the global fashion industry for four decades.  Shop Franttini 2 floor This is an exclusive product for people with good taste - a classic in which restraint and originality are successfully combined with fashion trends. Shop Roy Robson 1 floor Roy Robson - is known around the world of men's fashion brand Shop RESERVED 3 floor Reserved - a store of stylish budget quality clothing. Shop SPRINGFIELD 2 floor SPRINGFIELD– a youth-oriented casual fashion brand Shop TOMMY HILFIGER 1 floor TOMMY HILFIGER is a luxury brand of women's and men's clothing and accessories