One of its main goals, the mall “GULLIVER” considers providing visitors with a full range of services for the acquisition of a wide variety of goods - from products to clothing and household appliances. For this, the best stores and brands are invited - leaders in their field.
Glasses for vision and from the sun in one shopping center
Our shopping and entertainment center did not ignore the medical services sector. In addition to pharmacies, we also took care of optics stores.
On the second floor there is one of the largest optics stores in Kiev, Luxoptika. This famous Ukrainian company is one of the leaders in the optics market. The store offers a full range of services, including:
• Selection of glasses for vision correction.
• A large selection of modern and stylish frames for glasses.
• Glasses for children.
• Contact lenses.
• A variety of comfortable, professional glasses for the computer.
• A complete range of accessories, including solutions, storage cases, eye lens and eyewear care products.
At the same time, Luxoptika offers free services of an ophthalmologist who helps to choose lenses for glasses or lenses for eyes, which can also be ordered individually. Store managers will recommend stylish and modern frames. All orders are completed in the shortest time. At the same time, the company guarantees the manufacture of lenses for glasses of any complexity.
Luxoptica store offers its customers the most fashionable modern sunglasses from the new collections of more than 50 well-known world brands, including D&G, Gucci, Dior, Armani, Casta, Emporio, Ray, BanCarrera.
Sunglasses for youth in the Guliver shopping center
On the third floor for Ukrainian progressive youth, the Sunochki store presents a large catalog of fashionable and original sunglasses for young people. They are distinguished by unusual frames, bold design and a variety of color schemes, both frames and glasses.
Young people look at the world differently and this is fully reflected in the assortment of the store. All products offered are only of the best quality from the best world fashion houses and brands. Young consultants live on the same wavelength with young people and can offer high-quality and “driving” service. The younger generation will certainly not regret visiting the Sunochki trend store.
Visitor care
Shopping and entertainment center "GULLIVER" can be called the most convenient, because we are located directly in the center of the capital. The term absolutely universal is suitable for us, because in the shopping center there are shops offering a huge assortment for every day, for home, for a holiday, for sports, for animals, etc. We come under the term best place to rest, because under our roof there are restaurants with delicious menus, and bowling, and an amusement park, and a modern cinema. We are ready to accept the definition of us as the best place to provide services, the number of which is simply hard to list: travel agencies, post office, banks, car wash, dental office, dry cleaning, beauty and manicure salons, fitness center, shoe repair and much, much more another.
But the most important thing. We can be called a place for the whole family. Indeed, for each of its members there is everything necessary, interesting, tasty and beloved. And we tried to make the pastime in the mall as comfortable as possible.
Shopping center "GULLIVER" - a European service in the European capital!