FISSMAN is a brand shop for dishes and kitchen utensils. We are glad to introduce you the best collections from the world-famous brand and impeccable reputation. When buying from us, you choose quality, comfort and safety.
 We invite you to a fascinating journey into the world of FISSMAN! With branded dishes, you will forget that cooking is boring, tedious and long. Turn your kitchen into a field of endless culinary experiments, where true masterpieces are born. Do not refuse yourself to enjoy the best that can be offered by the modern dishware market. Become a chef for the closest! And inspiration and ease will give you a reliable tableware of the Danish company FISSMAN.

Shop Teplo Candle Shop 2 floor Our name is Teplo Candle Shop. And we are the people who make candles. Teplo is the embodiment of emotion in a hand-assembled candle. From and to people who are willing to give and receive. This is a big idea of two girls who grew up in their own production. Shop Zara Home 2 floor Zara Home is a home fashion, decorative fabrics and products of guaranteed quality and affordable prices. Shop LILIT ART STORE 2 floor LILIT ART STORE is art gift shop by Lilit SarkisianAbout Lilit SarkisianLilit Sarkisian is a famous fashion illustrator and artist. For many years, Lilit has been creating prints and illustrations for well-established European and Ukrainian designers.In 2016, she launched her own brand IIIIT SARKISIAN featuring clothes with unique prints.There are several reasons why her collections stand out: minimalist style, monochrome, one-of-a-kind prints, and smooth watercolours.Each print is created by hand using watercolour and ink, and then transferred on to clothes.The highest quality prints guarantee that the prints won’t fade, crack, or wash away. Shop Gipfel 0 floor German company Gipfel has been developing and producing hi-tech models of high-quality and environment-friendly cookware for many years. Our goal is to inspire customers to create fine cuisine, to simplify their cooking process as much as possible, to add warmth and comfort to their homes, and fill their days with new flavors.  Thanks to the efforts of our professional team we cope well with such tasks. All products are user-friendly and provide impressive performance. Each model is well-designed and meets the standards and requirements of customers.Not only professional chefs but also ordinary customers, who appreciate the joy of the unique taste and aroma of delicious dishes at home, choose our goods.  Enjoy the no muss, no fuss morning cup of coffee with a homemade croissant or a festal dinner by Gipfel. We offer a wide range of tableware which makes simple and exquisite dishes easy to cook and make any culinary dream come true. Discover our pots, pans, professional cooking utensils and a lot more!