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Excessive sun bathing can lead to photo-aging of the skin. To get a beautiful tan and not get additional wrinkles and age spots, you need to follow simple rules.

Who is to blame?

They started talking about photo-aging of the skin in the late 80s. Then it was found that under the influence of sunlight, the regeneration of her cells changes. This process was called photoaging. However, do not blame the ultraviolet. In fact, it simply fulfills its mission — it helps the skin to produce vitamin D, serotonin and strengthens the immune system. The rest is the result of excessive love for tanned skin and neglect of protective equipment.

What's happening?

Firstly, an excess of ultraviolet light provokes the formation of free radicals that damage the collagen and elastin fibers. As a result, the tone, elasticity is lost, flabbiness appears.

Secondly, if normally the cells of the epidermis are renewed in 28 days, then with excessive exposure to sunlight, the process is delayed. And this is one of the reasons for the appearance of age spots.

Thirdly, the sun contributes to dehydration, so the skin becomes dry, prone to irritation and the formation of vascular asterisks and wrinkles. Consider how to protect your skin from the sun.

How to properly sunbathe: the main chips and rules

  • Choose a safe time to sunbathe in the sun. Dermatologists recommend minimally being under direct rays from 11 to 16 hours in the hot season, not only for those who sunbathe on the beach, but also for residents of megacities. Because ultraviolet light doesn't care where to catch you. The best time for tanning is in the morning before 11 and in the evening after 16 o'clock.

  • Buy the right accessories. To avoid ultraviolet radiation, it is worth having a hat in the wardrobe as a weapon against premature wrinkles. Thus, you can protect your face from the sun, even if you forget to smear yourself with sanskrit.

  • Use effective special means. Today, without creams, lotions, sprays and emulsions with SPF, we will not be able to feel protected either at the resort or on the way to the office. Experts advise care products with a factor of 30-50 that can resist UVA and UVB rays and are not washed off after bathing. Choosing between chemical and physical filters, you should give preference to products with fewer of the former, because they do not reflect ultraviolet light, but absorb it and can cause allergic reactions. If the SPF cream contains additional moisturizing and nourishing ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid or plant extracts, the protection will be perfect.

TOP-list of the best tanning and sun protection products

In order to help you choose the right care, we have collected the best products for safe tanning that are offered by cosmetics stores in the Gulliver shopping center:

  1. Tan Prolonging After-sun lotion, Caudalie (Mr. BROCARD, 1st floor)

  2. Sunscreen for the face Solaire Creme Visage Anti Rides SPF 50, Caudalie (Mr. BROCARD, 1st floor)

  3. Face cream Face Zone SPF 50, Dr. Irena Eris (Mr. BROCARD, 1st floor)

  4. Light day cream for the face with karite oil SPF 15 (Mr. L'OCCITANE, 1st floor)

  5. Sunscreen for the face Solaire Peau Parfaite SPF 50+ (Mr. YVES ROCHER, 2nd floor)


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