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Where to go on March 8 in Kiev? Ideas for a romantic date

International Women's Day is a great occasion to arrange a romantic date for your beloved woman. To make the holiday a success, it is important to decide in advance where to go on March 8. Do not delay the preparation of an entertainment program at the last moment, because tens of thousands of couples want to spend this day in a special way. If you know about the preferences of the lady of the heart, start preparing at least 2-3 weeks in advance!

Restaurants, cafes

Cafes and restaurants in Kiev invite you to enjoy the evening in a pleasant company. Many establishments are ready to pamper beautiful ladies with delicious compliments from the chef and special offers. If you like Asian cuisine, Sushiya and Meiwei restaurants will be a good solution. Looking for a place to go on March 8 in Kiev to impress a girl? Then go to Mr.Zuma's restaurant. The place is designed for discerning guests who prefer delicacies and refined taste combinations.

Can't decide how to celebrate March 8 with the whole family? Book a table at Mercato Italiano. This is a cozy establishment with Mediterranean cuisine and attractive prices. 

The Cinnabon Cafe and Gelarty café glacé will delight the irrepressible sweet tooth. If you want a special atmosphere and need ideas for a romantic evening, pay attention to the Hitchcook Bar with a themed setting or the exquisite ARTWINERY Bubble Space.

Looking for a place to celebrate March 8 in Kiev, choose places where you can book a table in advance. Be sure — all the seats in the cafe with free seating will be occupied, which can spoil the evening.

Movie theaters

A visit to the cinema is a good addition to a walk or dinner in a restaurant. Take a look at the poster of the nearest hall and choose a movie to your liking. The best option would be a romantic comedy, historical or adventure movie. Such entertainments in Kiev usually leave a pleasant aftertaste, allowing you to share your own impressions and reflections. When deciding where to go with a girl on March 8, choose the most modern cinema with a comfortable environment.

Theater stages

There are more than fifty professional theater troupes operating in the capital, which regularly delight guests with original premieres. If your girlfriend likes sophisticated entertainment, choose a comedy or dramatic production, a light-hearted musical, a classic play (necessarily with an exciting plot), a spectacular opera or ballet. This is a win-win solution to the question of how to congratulate on March 8 in an original way!

Other entertainment

There are many ways to make a holiday unforgettable. It is important to choose entertainment that your companion will like. In addition to proven leisure options, do not hesitate to suggest new ones. Where to go in Kiev on March 8 for hunters for bright emotions?

  • Bowling. An easy-to-learn, fun and addictive game that will ignite the spirit of competition in your girl. To visit the bowling center, you should choose comfortable clothes that do not restrict movement.
  • Visit to the planetarium. Immerse yourself in the contemplation of the starry sky, which is impossible to see behind the lights of the metropolis! Fascinating thematic programs for any age — that's the answer to the question of where to go on March 8 in Kiev!
  • City tour. The Ukrainian capital is full of interesting places with a rich history. Choose extraordinary thematic programs that evoke emotions and imagination. Dress with wet and cold weather in mind.
  • Skating or roller skating. Don't know how to congratulate a girl on March 8th to leave a lot of happy memories? Teach her to rollerblade or take a pair figure skating lesson from an experienced instructor! New impressions and a powerful emotional charge are guaranteed.
  • Visit to the water park. In early spring, you already so acutely want warmth and relaxation on the beach. All this is waiting under the roof of the water park! This is a good solution if you are looking for options on how to congratulate a girl on March 8, without waiting for a trip to warmer climes.
  • A trip to the laser tag or quest room. A great option for fans to test their mind, courage and physical fitness.
  • VR club. Among a large number of games, you will definitely choose those that will drag both of you with your head. Ski, shoot arrows, fly a plane or just dance! 

The last parting words

Still haven't decided how to congratulate a girl on March 8, and haven't even bought a gift? This is fixable! Go shopping together at the mall!

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