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Color combinations of 2022: trendy wardrobe solutions

The color of the clothes is no less important than its style. In discussions about the latest trends in fashion, the emphasis inevitably shifts to the cut, but you should not forget about ensembles of shades. Today we will talk about how to combine colors in clothes, which solutions were at the peak of popularity in 2022.

TOP 5 stylish color combinations

Monoblocks are good as a highlight of the wardrobe, not its basis. It is worth "coloring" everyday images with the help of combinations of two or three colors that not only look harmonious, but are also in the spotlight of the fashion world. In 2022, a Very Peri was announced as the shade of the year: a complex mixture of blue and purple. This color most resembles a soft lavender tone. White, orange, and bright shades of yellow are also popular. How to combine colors this year, the designers told us from the height of the world catwalks!

1. Purple and green

The focus of attention this season has become compositions using green (grassy or forest) and the famous Very Peri. However, you might as well mix any other shades of these colors. It can be noble matte fabrics, shining satin or textiles embroidered with shiny sequins. This combination looks very spring-like, reminding of the bright crocuses blooming after the first thaw. Almost every women's clothing store allows you to assemble a spectacular ensemble using green and purple.

2. Blue and beige

Nude shades have gained fame as universal, everyday, and therefore a little boring. Everyone has long known how to properly combine colors with beige outfits: the classic options are black, brown, milky, gray. But this is not at all what you need if you are going to color your wardrobe with spring shades. In addition to beige, take a thing of bright blue color. Sky and azure shades will be ideal, not clouded by an admixture of gray or green.

3. Black and pink

If you wanted the return of 2007 — here it is, because a combination of pink and black is coming back into fashion. The basis of the outfit can be any of them, and the second one will balance the image. The predominant black color will give the outlet a touch of rigor and elegance. Dominant pink will create an aura of flirtation, romance. Based on these simple principles, you will be able to understand how to combine colors in clothes correctly, depending on the context. This is such a simple and eye-pleasing combination of shades that it is easy to choose the appropriate outfit in a boutique of almost any brand. It is enough to go shopping in Kiev in a large shopping center, which allows you to compare collections of different brands.

4. Green and orange

The brightest, most daring mix of colors in 2022! Such an outfit immediately catches the eye, making you the center of attention. At the same time, designers recommend choosing clean, almost "electric" shades: orange, lime, etc. At the same time, you yourself have to decide how to combine clothes of different colors. You can give contrasting shades equal power or choose one dominant, and assign the role of an accent to the second. This combination already reminds not of the beauty of spring, but of the charm of summer with its juicy fruits.

5. White and silver

Spring is a time of renewal and purification, so in the coming season an important role will be assigned to the white color in a duet with elegant silver. This mix looks stylish, concise, festive. The role of silver can be played by metallic fabric, textiles, embroidered with crystals or sequins. The leading role belongs to the white color, to which accent elements are added. The closer to the evening it is planned to put on an outfit, the more shine it is permissible to introduce. Feathers and fringe are also appropriate as a decoration.

Features of color combinations of the 2022 season

Please note that this year sharply contrasting combinations dominate. They perfectly diversify the wardrobe, but at the same time they can make the silhouette visually disharmonious. Therefore, you should carefully compose capsules for an individual style. The answer to the question of how to combine clothes correctly depends largely on the type of your figure and the volume in general. In order not to go into a dry theory, we advise you to try on as many options as possible — the mirror will tell you the right solution!

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