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What to give for March 8: top of the best ideas for a girl, mom, girlfriend

What can I give to my mom, colleague, wife or girlfriend on March 8? This is the first question that begins to torment men immediately after the celebration of February 14. Women also have to think about options, because many are used to congratulating moms and girlfriends. Today we will discuss the best ideas that will help you choose the perfect gift!

8 ideas for a gift to a girl or wife

  1. Jewelry. A win-win option that will please 99% of girls. When choosing what to give a girl on March 8, be sure to take into account her tastes. If you buy a ring, find out the size of your beloved's finger in advance.
  2. Clothes. We are talking about sophisticated and feminine outfits: dresses and suits. If you are not completely sure what a girl will like or what size to choose, just go shopping together at a women's clothing store!
  3. Lingerie. Choose the best quality products of famous brands. Not sure about the style or size? Pay attention to thin nightgowns and seductive robes — they are easier to pick up.
  4. Certificate to the SPA salon. A modern woman, tired of stressful everyday life, will be glad to have a relaxation session - take this into account when deciding what to give to her wife on March 8.
  5. Laundry organizer. With such an accessory, it will become much easier to collect a bag for a trip or a business trip.
  6. Jewelry box. Jewelry needs careful and proper storage. Help your beloved to solve this problem.
  7. Bag. A stylish accessory from a well-known brand will be a great solution. What a guy will give to a girl on March 8 will tell a lot about his attitude and feelings.
  8. The mirror is illuminated. It is an indispensable assistant for self-care and makeup application.

8 ideas for a gift to mom

  1. Care cosmetics. When deciding what to give mom on March 8, choose premium quality products. It can be a rejuvenating cream, lifting serum, filler or a whole set.
  2. Stylish scarf/shawl. An accessory made of high-quality wool or cashmere will come in handy in March weather.
  3. A warm blanket. Choose a model with an original design made of soft, lightweight material.
  4. Massager. Neck pillows with vibration, massage pillows under the lower back and other accessories will help women with sedentary work to maintain a healthy tone.
  5. Manicure set. It is no longer necessary to spend money and time on going to the master. Tools for home hardware or classic manicure will allow you to keep your nails in order.
  6. Stylish leather goods. A wallet, a business card holder or a clutch with a spectacular design will become your mother's faithful companion!
  7. A ticket to an interesting event. Choose a concert, an exhibition, a theatrical performance or a presentation that will be interesting for the owner of the gift to visit.
  8. Costume jewelry or jewelry. Thinking about what you can give your mother on March 8, remember that there are very few women in the world who will not be pleased with a lovingly selected decoration.

8 ideas for a gift to a friend

  1. A gift card from your favorite store. Do you know that a friend is crazy about L'Occitane products or regularly visits BROCARD? Give her a certificate for a convenient amount!
  2. A joint trip to a manicure (at your expense). This is a great opportunity to chat and get prettier together for International Women's Day.
  3. Scented candles. The present is beautiful, at the same time useful and pleasant. You can choose one large candle or a whole set with different flavors.
  4. Collection of tea or coffee. Present a friend with a set of the best varieties of her favorite drink, adding honey or other sweets to the present.
  5. Care cosmetics. Bath bombs, moisturizer, body milk and similar products will always come in handy.
  6. A set of "everything in the world". You can pack anything in a beautiful box: cosmetics, sweets, jewelry, accessories or stationery with an extraordinary design. Usually they pick up items on the same topic or in a single color scheme.
  7. A leather-bound diary. It is easy to decide what to give to a friend on March 8 if she carefully plans things and work tasks. Accessories stores in Kiev will offer the best solutions!
  8. An interesting book. Self-development literature, fiction, poetry - the choice is great.

We hope that our ideas will help you decide what to give on March 8, or inspire an original idea!

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