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How to survive the heat: top beauty tricks

Surviving the seasonal heat in the city is no easy task. In addition to the scorching sun, the concrete jungle is also practically airtight, and the stone facades of high-rises only keep the temperatures hotter, not having time to cool down even at night. In such weather conditions, it's extremely difficult to stay productive and still look good. We've gathered for you the best tips, advice, and best practices that will make it much easier to get through the sweltering days in the city. ​

Take it easy

The first thing that's strategically important to take care of is grooming! Switch to lightweight textures of products. Set aside your classic Nivea creams (the ones in the tin cans) until fall or even winter, and invest in a seasonal skincare arsenal for summer. You can easily do it by visiting any cosmetics store in Gulliver mall. It contains reliable brands that have been tested by time and a lot of satisfied customers.

The most educated decision is to consult a cosmetologist, but even without that you can intuitively buy suitable beauty products, choosing products with lighter textures. For example, instead of a cream - emulsions and sprays. 

Makeup for summer: 3 basic rules

Girls in the summer season, it is important to choose the right care. In conditions of high temperatures, it is necessary to support the skin and help it cope with this period. Ideally, the best summer makeup is its absence. But if you are not ready to abandon the makeup altogether, it is worth following three basic rules:

  1. Do not layer cosmetics - in the heat is extremely undesirable to create a film of cosmetics on the face. In such weather conditions the skin is already under constant stress, fulfilling a major role in the thermoregulation of the body. That is why it is important not to create unnecessary obstacles and not to block the access of cosmetics to oxygen. For example, abandon powder in the heat, narrowing down the amount of tinting products on the face to a primer and light cream. 

  2. Moisturize by adding products that will compensate for the moisture lost by the skin. 

  3. Use waterproof beauty products - if you want your summer makeup to last until the evening and not to "go away," it is worth applying waterproof beauty products. 

7 must have products to make light summer makeup

  • BB or CC cream - Lay off your favorite foundation for a while and use lighter, moisturizing textures of BB or CC creams.

  • Acid or Retinol products- the sun makes the stratum corneum of our skin rougher, so it's best to add products with acids to your skincare regimen, which will make your face glow. But remember, it's important to use sanscreen (!!!).

  • If you use a foundation, make-up will be better and it will last longer.

  • Creamy eye shadows - a creamy texture will cover your skin better than powdered eye shadows. 

  • Water-resistant mascara - this item will save you from annoying mascara marks on your eyelids.

  • Moisturizing lip balm - in the heat your lips instantly dry out and even become chapped. Moisturizing is the best way to avoid the discomfort of cracking and burning.

  • Blush in a stick - as with cream shadows, the texture of this product is much better on the skin and doesn't absorb as quickly.

Go over to the side of evil

Figuratively, of course! Choose routes to move around the city where there is the most amount of shade, lots of greenery. If you keep the time spent in the sun to a minimum, your body doesn't accumulate heat as quickly, which means you can avoid overheating in general and conserve energy.

A Correct Diet

Nutrition is one of the most important aspects that affects how you feel in the heat. When the thermometer outside is +33, your appetite often disappears. Nevertheless, it is important to provide your body with resources that will give energy to your body. The best solution is intuitive eating. But if you can't listen to your body, just follow two basic principles:

  1. Consume only foods that do not require cooking (vegetables, fruits, salads).
  2. Eliminate alcohol.

H2O - source of life

Do not forget to drink water. Even if you are not thirsty during the day, it is worth taking a sip or two now and then. Your body is constantly expelling water in the heat, so it's vital to replenish that water balance in an attempt to cool down. 


Sunscreens are not only worth applying when you leave the house in the morning, but also to have with you throughout the day. Sunscreens last on your skin for up to 3 hours on average. Therefore, if you have an out-of-town business meeting in the afternoon, it's worth reapplying SPF sunscreen. 


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