Gulliver winner of the festival

Gulliver winner of the festival "Choice of the Year 2018"

Following the results of the international festival-competition “Choice of the Year 2018”, Gulliver became the winner in the “Multifunctional Complex” nomination.

On December 8, the XVIIIІІ awards ceremony was held for the market leaders of the international festival of the competition “Choice of the Year”. Traditionally, more than 40 brands received the prestigious award and the title of the best in various categories: food, home and office equipment, medicine and hygiene, perfumery and cosmetics, residential complexes, service and services, and the like.

The Gulliver multifunctional complex won the Stolichny block in the Multifunctional Complex of the Year nomination, receiving a score of 60 points out of 100. The IFC was named market leader by the members of the high jury (90%), the organizing committee (75%), and also became one of According to experts (86%) and consumers (30%), the best in their category.

High recognition is confirmed by the results of the all-Ukrainian marketing research by TNS Ukraine, including a comprehensive assessment of the product (service) positions on the market (consumer preferences, expert assessment of the quality of goods and services, expert assessment of the advertising and image company). Audit and confirmation of the results of the competition is provided by the international auditing company Deloitte.

“Choice of the year” is not just recognition of the best, it is a confirmation of leadership qualities. Winning the competition is the result of hard teamwork. To receive a medal means to mark everyone who joined in the creation and development of a product or service, ”commented the national manager of the competition, Anna Rudenko.
According to Lilia Rezvoy, managing director of Gulliver IFC, a victory in this nomination is not only confirmation of the company's leadership in the market, but also evidence of consumer loyalty and trust. “Our advantage - versatility - is appreciated by both experts and consumers. After all, the presence of a large number of infrastructure makes Gulliver not just a business center with a shopping and entertainment component, but a space for living and effectively spending time, where everything is thought out to the smallest detail.”



Multifunctional complex (MFC) Gulliver is the only object on the market of retail and office real estate in Kiev, which has such a good location. It is located at the same time in the historical and business center of the capital, at the intersection of the main transport arteries, in close proximity to the key metro stations and public transport stops. The complex consists of a class A business center in the form of two towers, and a 10-storey shopping and entertainment center. IFC Gulliver is one of the tallest buildings in the capital. The height of the 33-storey tower "A" of the business center is 141 meters. The total area of ​​the complex is 157,400 square meters.

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