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What glasses to buy this summer: trend models and recommendations for choosing

Sunglasses are an indispensable attribute for the warm season. Before the start of the season, the question of how to choose sunglasses so that they are comfortable and relevant is always acute. Our main advice is to follow the trends of the year. Later in the article we will consider the most stylish types of frames, and tell you how to choose the right sunglasses.

4 most stylish summer models

One of the dominant trends of 2021 is the focus on the eyes. This is where all the fashionable frames of the spring-summer season come from.

Light and color

4 most stylish summer models

Since the beginning of the pandemic, seeing life in bright colors has become problematic for many. Numerous lockdowns and quarantines, where monotonous everyday life merged into one endless day, made many people want to add color to their lives. Therefore, in the summer of 2021, one of the brightest trends among sunscreen accessories is color. It can be both a frame and a lens, the main thing - that the color was saturated and bright. Choose any shade from the trendy colors of this year, and feel free to paint your everyday images.

P.S. Lenses are best to choose pink, orange or yellow - in these colors the world looks the most attractive.

In the mood of the 90s

Model of narrow sunglasses

Nostalgia for the past decade is reflected not only in clothing but also in accessories. The model of narrow sunglasses especially fell in love with everyone. Stylists know that this trend is not new: such a frame was relevant last season, but confidently holds the lead in this. The model goes well with different styles: a narrow frame looks equally appropriate with sporty chic, oversize and even elegant dresses with thin straps. You can experiment with the shape at your discretion: rectangle, pointed corners, rhombus, oval, semicircle - each option is trendy. The main thing is to choose what suits the geometry of your face. And if you are hesitant and do not know how to choose sunglasses with a narrow frame, take a look at the images of Kylie Jenner or Bella Hadid - these girls in their street styles have fully revealed the potential of such models.

Cats and mice

Flirty cateye frame

The coquettish cateye frame is also back in fashion. These glasses look feminine, but at the same time playful. Sharpened towards the upper corners, they visually look up. This model can rightly be considered a classic, because it looks relevant for restrained, strict images in the office, and for the bold streetsryle-bows of the weekend.



For those who want to buy a universal frame, which in all probability will not lose its relevance and in a couple of seasons, aviators will be a great choice. This is the most classic and most traditional model of glasses of all possible. If desired, you can choose an option adapted to seasonal trends - a more rectangular shape or colored lenses.

How to choose quality sunglasses: 6 tips

  • Choose accessories only from proven manufacturers. Remember that the main purpose of sunglasses is to protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, you should not trust the health and safety of your vision to untested brands. In the Gulliver shopping and entertainment complex you will find quality sunscreen accessories from reputable global brands. On the website of the shopping center you can see a complete list of stores where you can buy sunglasses.
  • Check the markings on the brackets - in quality products it is applied by laser and does not erase.
  • Inspect the lenses. Uniform color and lack of admiration indicates the quality of the accessory.
  • Evaluate the fasteners. High-quality models are made with a barely noticeable mechanism that does not slam on its own and easily holds the brackets open.
  • The level of light transmission in the product should be at least 3, and preferably - 4. With such indicators, the lens transmits only 3-18% of light.
  • Choose models with a UV protection level of 70-90%. At a lower rate, ultraviolet light simply hits the retina, damaging and destroying it.

How to choose sunglasses for the shape of the face

How to choose sunglasses for the shape of the face

To buy an accessory that correctly places accents and highlights the best features, you need to know how to choose sunglasses according to the shape of the face. There are 5 basic forms, which are based on the choice of accessories from the sun:

  • Oval - the owners of this geometry pulled out a lucky ticket. All types of frames fit the oval face, so you can safely experiment with the shape and try on the boldest trends.
  • Round - for this shape it is best to choose square and rectangular frames that visually elongate the proportions. The main thing is that the glasses were a contrasting face and without sharp corners.
  • Square - for girls with expressive lines of cheekbones, chin and forehead, it is better to buy models without a pronounced straight geometry. Choose round shapes of frames. It is extremely important that the glasses are proportional to the face in size: too small an accessory, as well as too large, will only emphasize the massiveness of the features.
  • Triangular - for representatives of this face shape it is important to balance a narrow and sharp chin with a wide forehead and cheekbones. Points with a low fit and rounded geometry will best cope with this task.
  • Elongated - this type needs soft lines to visually adjust the length of the face. In this case, you should abandon the narrow models and options without frames. It is best to focus on square, round or rectangular solutions. And the contrasting color of the upper part of the frame compensates for indistinct cheeks and cheekbones.

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