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7 main fashion trends of the off-season

The time between seasons is a special, sometimes prolonged, period of the year, so special requirements are put forward for women's wardrobe for autumn and spring. Clothing should be comfortable, stylish and suitable for multi — layered outfits, and the images themselves should be easily scaled for a sharp cold snap or unexpected warming. Leading Ukrainian and international brands have already released their collections for the off-season 2021-2022. let's talk about what trends to focus on when going shopping for Demi-season clothing, how and where to choose a bright image.

Top fashion Demi-season trends 2021-2022

1. Yellow color

Experts in Pantone called Yellow the main color of 2021. Bright, optimistic, illuminated — it will become a worthy accent of the image, decorate even the most stormy day. Stylists recommend choosing a clean light shade that suits girls of any color type. It can be a bright sweater or an original monolook! Such women's clothing guarantees the attention of others at the time of year when it is customary to dress in everything dark and gloomy.

2. Contrasting colors

Floral print is associated with light summer dresses, but this year designers are actively using it to create warmer outfits. To make floral motifs look organic, opt for contrasting combinations that stand out with a kind of dramatic charm. Compositions of black with burgundy or white look great.

3. Cropped jackets

On a cool evening or a chilly morning, you just want to throw something cozy on your shoulders. At the peak of popularity this season, cropped jackets look much more original than the classic ones. They will perfectly complement a dress with thin straps, a skirt or matching trousers. A particularly effective solution will be a suit with a cropped pastel jacket. This element of clothing is usually recommended for tall girls, since it visually divides the figure into two parts. However, monolooks are devoid of this prejudice — a short jacket is perfect, regardless of your height.

4. Wide spacious dresses

The desire to feel comfortable and relaxed has not gone away, despite the easing of quarantine measures. This trend has influenced current street style trends, giving rise to wide models of women's Demi-season outerwear and spacious dresses. They look elegant and self-sufficient, do not restrict movement, so they are suitable for every day. The main design principle is conciseness. A minimum of decor, a combination of colors and an exquisite cut. With such dresses, large costume jewelry and voluminous bags look great.

5. Pleated skirts and dresses

A pleated skirt is one of the eternal trends of the catwalk and everyday wardrobe. This season, the main place is reserved for pleated midi and maxi skirts. Designers do not get tired of experimenting with the versatility of this detail of the image. The size of the folds, the type of material, the length — all this can radically change the aesthetics of the outfit: from ironic "school" rigor to charming retro and concise business style.

6. Maxi dresses

A long dress can favorably emphasize the figure and add romance to the autumn image. In order not to give the cold a single chance, pay attention to models made of soft and fairly dense fabrics, knitwear. Especially impressive are maxisukni in light shades or decorated with colored crystals.

7. Classic trench coats

Trench coat-Demi-season clothing that has been a classic of women's and men's wardrobe for more than a century. It is unlikely that this light coat with a belt and turn-down collar will ever go out of fashion at all. Designers offer modern stylish variations of the classic style, but it always shows a familiar silhouette.

Clothing and more

In conclusion, we can say a few words about shoes. At the top of fashion this year are boots, boots and ankle boots with thick soles with an expressive tread. They are perfectly combined with other trending solutions and are convenient in case of rain. In such shoes, the feet are not afraid of slush, mud, or cold.

Choosing models from well-known manufacturers, you will get not only a fashionable, but also a light model with a comfortable insole for long autumn walks. Where to buy relevant clothing and shoes depends on your personal tastes. The most convenient option is a shopping center, where boutiques of all popular brands are collected.

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