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10 most controversial dresses in history

Agree, considering the unusual dresses of the stars is more interesting than looking at their flawless bows. Here are 10 of the most scandalous celebrity dresses that will shock you with their candor and design. Go.


The history of the most scandalous dresses of stars of all times and peoples

The history of scandalous outfits began in the 60s of the last century. The trendsetter for "naked" dresses was Marilyn Monroe, who appeared at the 35th anniversary of the President of the United States in an extravagant designer case covered with diamond sequins. The scandalous creation of Jean-Louis Berzoult perfectly emphasized the seductive forms of Marilyn. They sewed it right on the body of the star before going out to the hall.

After 7 years, Barbra Streisand dared to repeat the experiment. In 1969, the actress appeared in a transparent trouser suit embroidered with sequins for the presentation of the American Film Academy prize "For Best Actress". Under the spotlights, the sparkling outfit from Arnold Skaazi "dissolved", showing the audience all the charms of the star.

The queen of the 80s, the film actress and singer Sherilyn Sargsyan, better known as Cher, did not miss the chance to become a reason for conversation. In 1886, she came to the Oscars in the guise of an oriental queen. Black outfit from Bob Mackie - a massive mohawk headdress, thigh trousers and a revealing top, embroidered with stones, critics assessed negatively.

The title of “the most scandalous dress” rightfully deserves a beef costume designed by Frank Fernandez, in which Lady Gaga flaunted at the Video Music Awards-2010. A sundress, a hat, a clutch and shoes made of fresh meat caused a mixed reaction from the public. And animal rights activists raised a scandal and accused the singer of cruelty to animals.

Star losing dresses at the Oscars

Trying to attract the attention of the public and cameras, style icons often go on adventures with appearance. Some think of themselves as designers and come up with outfits themselves, while others blindly trust stylists.

Demi Moore (1989) wore black cycling shorts, a velvet lace corset, and a floor-length skirt lined with variegated gold brocade. The image invented by the actress was not appreciated by the critics.

Kim Basinger (1990) opted for a white dress. The satin outfit, consisting of a crumpled skirt, a half-jacket top, and a white Michael Jackson-style glove, added a fly in the ointment to the actress's collection of successful looks.

Angelina Jolie (2000) appeared in front of the public in a dark floor-length dress, reminiscent of the outfit from the wardrobe of Morticia Addams. Perhaps the star confused the red carpet with a Halloween party, trying on the image of a cold comic book heroine.

Bjork (2001) wore an unusual bodysuit dress with a "dying" white tulle swan. The image of the Icelandic singer, created by the Macedonian couturier Marjan Pejoski, caused heated discussions and became the subject of parodies.

Gwyneth Paltrow (2002) attends the ceremony in an Alexander McQueen gown with a shapeless organza skirt and a sheer tee top showing the star's bosom. The flawless "excellent student", according to critics, went too far not only with the outfit, but also with the smokey ice makeup.

Uma Thurman (2004) surprised fans by wearing an asymmetrical outfit in blue and white by Christian Lacroix. The fashion experts named the actress "Miss Switzerland" for the look, consisting of a wide shirt, a layered skirt, a golden vest and a bow at the waist. According to the film star herself, this evening was the most humiliating in her life.

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