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TOKYO - a new Megapolis from SOVA

TOKYO is the largest metropolis in the world. Therefore, it is in his honor that a new series of jewelry is named, which continues the Megapolis collection from SOVA.

Simple lines of the collection symbolize the restrained temperament of the Japanese, and the main symbol of the country - the flag of the rising sun - is reflected in the round elements of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and a transforming ring.

The life of Tokyo is full of constant dynamics and movement, so SOVA jewelers do not use rigid fasteners and have added moving elements to the new series of jewelry, making it possible to change their owner daily. The Japanese put meaning in absolutely all the details, especially in the crafts of culture and jewelry, this philosophy is very close to the jewelry brand SOVA.

TOKYO has 20 pieces in three gold colors - pink, yellow and white.

The flagship of the collection - a transforming ring in which all colors are combined - has several combinations. Thanks to the movable elements, the ring can be worn on one finger or on three fingers at once.

The graceful adjustable clasps allow you to choose the length of the necklace and bracelets on your own, and the earrings can be used as minimalistic studs, or as independent elements in jewelry evening looks.

Urban Japan has a lot in common with the rough architecture that Ukraine also has. One of these traits is the pursuit of simplicity. In the interior, as in the decorations, there is the purity of simple lines framed by unusual textures: glass, natural wood, which has left traces of time on itself, concrete and steel - all shades of socialist realism. Therefore, in the advertising campaign for TOKYO, you can see the details and textures inherent in the architecture of both Japan and Ukraine.

In the new series of jewelry SOVA reflected not the classic Japan, to which everyone is accustomed, but Japan, which is centered around the largest metropolis in the world - Tokyo. Modern, non-standard, with its own characteristics, ready to change.

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