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Presentation of the collection Petit Bateau Spring-Summer 2019

Approximately two years ago, it was inspired to create a bright and colorful collection "Spring-Summer 2019". This happened when Petit Bateau's creative team visited the HUMAN exhibition, the GoodPlanet Foundation in Paris, presented by the photographer and director Jan Artus-Bertrand. This visit prompted the creation of the "spring-summer 2019" collection, promoting the beauty of nature.

The spring-summer 2019 collection is full of colors that reflect the beauty of a beautiful day: warm red, tropical green, colorful blue and sunny yellow. Traditional design is reborn in a new palette to brighten the wardrobe of babies and children. Unique viscous and bold exclusive prints as ever expressive, combine into practical, safe and innovative clothing.

Babies Petit Bateau offers new products made of white organic cotton. Petit Bateau worries about the eco-friendly and delicate skin of babies, as the materials are certified by Oeko-Tex*, which ensures the safety and quality of the garment.

In order to diversify the game in the rain, also in the summer, Petit Bateau offers an updated style for children: Lightweight waterproof transformer jackets, which easily fold into a compact form, so it can be worn at no time with you. Excellent design of a jacket in bright colors will help you look stylish even in bad weather. Without a doubt, the favorite French brand Petit Bateau makes family life easier with its inherent functionality and uniqueness.

For sunny days, when we enjoy the warm weather in the pool or sea, Petit Bateau offers a new UV-resistant t-shirt that protects delicate baby skin and looks stylish even during bathing.

Baby clothes for the new season are designed to provide freedom of movement and unprecedented comfort, all thanks to a special bundle. A special range of colors is designed for girls with exclusive floral prints on body and dresses and boys with prints of animals and stripes!

Like the maternal hug, Petit Bateau cares about children and adults, since it certifies products that care for the skin with Oeko-Tex *: protects from rain in cloaks and lightweight compact jackets, counteracts ultraviolet radiation in a shirt with hot summer days.

Girl's clothes are decorated with tropical motifs: palm trees and exotic flowers. To enjoy the summer to the fullest, Petit Bateau decorates clothes with sunshades, citrus flowers and stripes on tops, dresses, skirts and t-shirts.

The boys' wardrobe this season will be complemented by new products from the print of different fish. A special style of clothing makes it unique to any event - for casual wear, or for special occasions.

Following the success of the collection dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the panties, Petit Bateau has designed for women panties with high landing and tops in tone to them.

We also offer a wide range of rainwear, including raincoats, ponchos, jackets, and more. The traditional Petit Bateau cloak has an updated stylish look so that even in the rain you look unsurpassed. Raincoats are made in bright colors of fuchsia, similar to currants, or green as bamboo. Jackets are decorated with natural prints, and raincoats have a brilliant texture.

Bright, printed or monotonous clothing from Petit Bateau is perfect for any occasion in the life of a woman: a T-shirt - for walks in the city, a dress - for a trip to the beach.

New prints, colors, versatile oversize sizes and stylish striped tops give traditional products a new life.

A variety of accessories (belts, beach bags, cosmetics bags, scarves) - all in order to add the perfection of the image from Petit Bateau to 100%!

The men's collection includes the most necessary for an ideal wardrobe: striped tops, polo and raincoats.

The spring-summer 2019 collection includes an exclusive bundle of unique colors and prints. Each item has a stamp of the brand that distinguishes it from others. Unique Petit Bateau brand ahead of fashion trends.


Long live the summer: natural, true and caring thanks to the Petit Bateau brand!


* Oeko-Tex: Petit Bateau's clothing is labeled Oeko-Tex®, one of the world's most demanding textile testing and certification systems. They protect against the risk of allergy and irritation to ensure comfort and well-being. Petit Bateau cares about your kids' skin!


Petit Bateau — the favorite French brand, known for high-quality cotton, wears kids and children since 1893.

The legendary brand is the inventor of panties and an unconventional time style icon for children and adults.

Unmatched softness of materials and stainless cutouts will give the owners the charm and comfort.

The Petit Bateau style rises over the turbulence of the seasons.

The French brand cares about the environment and respect for people, and has 3,000 employees around the world.

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