Hippos and gravity: on the screens in the center of Kiev, videos appeared with the illusion of transparent walls - news from SEC Gulliver

Hippos and gravity: on the screens in the center of Kiev, videos appeared with the illusion of transparent walls

Gulliver and AMBY multimedia design studio have launched a joint project called “Quarantine Routine ” These are 6 stories about the inner world behind closed doors.

In the center of Kiev on the front LED screens of the IFC Gulliver, whose total area is about 1,500 square meters, unusual videos appeared. This is a series of stories dedicated to the internal space of people during quarantine.

As Julia Semenova, the founder of Amby multimedia design studio, comments on the project’s idea: “People are always interested in what is happening outside the walls of buildings. How do people live in them, how is their world arranged? Especially during quarantine, when the outside world was empty and the lives of millions of people, more than 60 days, concentrated in their cozy houses and apartments. Therefore, our design team was considering which worlds we could see inside if the exterior walls of the buildings became transparent, and specially for Gulliver screens we created a series of animated scenes on this subject. ”

“Our modern screens, which are located throughout the Gulliver facade, are designed specifically for such ideas. This is not just advertising, it is what surprises and fascinates. After all, initially we wanted huge LED screens to become an integral part of the architectural design of the complex of buildings, its hallmark and pride, as our decorative lighting on the side of Lesya Ukrainka Boulevard at the opening became ”, commented the launch of unusual videos by the director of the Gulliver shopping center Katerina Zhurakovskaya.

6 funny and unusual stories are:

Aqua is a joint work of Lera Cheburkova and Adam Bronson. A story about sensations than about specific meanings. A sense of personal comfort in your home aquarium, where everything is transparent, measured and calm.

HIPPO is the work of the beginning designer Leo Mayboroda. Wonderful hippo beasts suddenly burst into a homely, sleepy atmosphere. Unexpected turns can occur even in a completely static environment. It all depends on your mood and imagination, with which you look in your closet.

Magic - invented and created by Nikita Savenko. He was inspired by a love of magic and all kinds of magic. Around his hero, the whole life is filled with miracles, but for wizards this is quite ordinary and familiar, so even the raging magic does not stop them from taking a nap on the sofa.

KIT chen and Space cleaner - created by Katya Ryabtseva. This is an allegory about our beloved pets, on which all the joys of life suddenly “fell”. And in Space cleaner, we presented the global cleaning that can be carried out if the quarantine suddenly takes hold.

Scale is the work of Taras Makar. This is a story about the scale and importance of ordinary things in isolation, about how we revise the significance of certain objects in our everyday comfort.

Rollers can be seen throughout the day on all four screens.

For reference:

AMBY - Kiev studio of multimedia design. This is a new studio, created on the basis of the team of the animation studio SKILZ. The professional account of this team created digital content for 10 dance shows and concerts, over 100 minutes of animation for commercial commercials, as well as projection mapping and exhibition installations.

Ultra-modern LED screens on the facade of the IFC Gulliver were installed in November 2019. They replaced outdoor advertising on the facade of the building and consist of 4 parts: one widescreen video display measuring more than 600 square meters and three displays measuring 300 square meters each. The total area of ​​all screens is about 1500 square meters. 

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