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UArt Media Fest Light is in everyone

Gulliver Shopping Center is celebrating its 10th anniversary. 10 years of bright events, unforgettable experiences and, of course, emotional shopping. Every birthday celebration is special for us. And when it comes to such a significant date, it should be something fantastic. Get ready, we will surprise you on October 21.

A portal to the future

We always keep up with modern technologies. Therefore, we decided to prepare a real innovative multimedia show for our holiday, which no one has done before in Ukraine. Traditional modern art and digital installations of the future will be combined within the shopping center.

Yes, you will be entertained by the robot DJ YuMI, who will play your favorite tracks in the central atrium. Interactive zones will be placed on the floors, with which you can interact in real time. For example, the installation "Communication" will create the effect of joint interaction of visitors. The working principle of the zone will be collective participation – two, three, four or more people have to touch the tablets to reproduce shared technological meanings on the big screen. And this is just the beginning.

International festival of media art

As a central complex of innovations and media technologies in the capital of Ukraine, Gulliver shopping center is launching a competition for artists of visual technologies from all over the world. And the international company MEET FUTURE EVENT & TECH, with which we have repeatedly conducted bright and innovative projects, will help us in this.

The works of talented designers will be shown on the largest facade screens in Europe, which will be combined into one grand media show UArt Media Fest on October 21.

Three directions are planned within the festival:

  • tech-heavy media-art – content from top production groups and studios;
  • digital & crypto art – works by representatives of digitally and crypto-talented youth, mainly individual artists;
  • best contemporary artists – visuals from famous contemporary artists.

The winners in each of the nominations will be determined by the meters of the industry.

Music Marathon: 10 years = 10 stars

We cannot leave our visitors without an enchanting concert. On October 21, 10 famous artists who have been with us for these 10 years will perform in Gulliver Shopping Center. We do not want to spoil the line-up, we will open the curtain gradually to leave a pleasant intrigue.

See you on October 21!

майстер-клас "Макіяж за допомогою всього 3-х продуктів" майстер-клас "Макіяж за допомогою всього 3-х продуктів" Запрошуємо на майстер-клас "Smokie eyes" від головного гримера розважальних шоу країни - Інни Білошапко. Запрошуємо на майстер-клас "Smokie eyes" від головного гримера розважальних шоу країни - Інни Білошапко. Майстер-клас "Ідеальні червоні губи" Майстер-клас "Ідеальні червоні губи" More