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Wrap skirt: how and with what to wear

Wrap skirts 2020 are the hot trend of the season. Sophisticated and minimalistic, solid and multicolored, long or short, they suit different body types and blend perfectly with other wardrobe items. We offer to choose "your" model from a variety of options. Go.


What are wrap skirts

It doesn't matter if you are choosing an image for an office or a club party - wrap skirts are relevant in any situation. A solid-colored miniskirt paired with an eye-catching print shirt and heeled ankle boots will create a romantic look for a date. On the beach, tie a skirt will be appropriate, and for a more serious look, choose a straight midi.

  • Mini. Mini-skirts of the A-shaped silhouette set up for relaxation and fun. For a party, chintz or denim models are suitable. And laconic pencil skirts will fit into an office wardrobe.

  • Midi. Mid-calf length looks good on tall girls. Take a closer look at models made from fine flowing fabrics with adjustable wrap.
  • Maxi. These are the most seductive models. The style hides the imperfections of the legs and corrects the silhouette, while the cut adds mystery to the image.

How to choose a skirt depending on the type of figure

Strict, simple lines will suit the owners of the "pear" and "apple" silhouettes. Interesting details are appropriate, but overdo it a little, and they will weigh down the figure. Pay attention to the high-waisted models. They visually stretch the silhouette and lengthen the line of the legs.

Petite girls can afford any combination of folds and frills, patterns and prints. The only condition is that the skirt must be above the knee to balance the short stature. A laconic top or T-shirt will complement and not overload the image.

On slender girls, a short tulip wrap skirt will look great, which will visually make the figure more attractive.

Fabrics, colors, what to wear

Wrap skirts can be combined with other garments to create a variety of looks.

  • Combine colors and patterns more boldly. Wear a skirt with your favorite printed tee or white tee.
  • Add a casual look with sneakers or sneakers.
  • In the spring or on a cool summer evening, complement the look with a cardigan or denim jacket.
  • Together with a chunky knit sweater, a warm wrap skirt is a hot autumn trend.
  • On hot days, indulge in a cropped top, and wear a daring skirt decorated with sequins or sequins to the party.
  • Try on trendy pieces like an asymmetrical wrap skirt or a glamorous maxi in smooth satin.
  • Don't forget to add accessories.

List of stores in the Gulliver shopping center that offer wrap-around skirts

In the shopping and entertainment center Gulliver, which is located in the very center of Kiev, many branded women's clothing stores offer wrap-around skirts.

Bershka is a chain of bright youth fashion stores. The collection includes skirts with a wrap and sequins, corduroy models, products with frills. Stay on trend with Bershka.

Weekend Max Mara is a luxury brand that has been setting fashion trends for over twenty years. There is a huge selection of wrap-around skirts for any occasion, from airy, weightless maxi made for hot summer days or a beach holiday, to chunky, daring cuts and office options.

ANDRE TAN - stores of a popular Ukrainian brand. Each skirt emphasizes the dignity of the figure, and professional stylists-consultants will certainly help you choose the perfect image.

Take a look at the stores of the brands Bugatti, Luisa Cerano, look for great deals and discounts. In the Gulliver shopping center you will find products from the most popular brands and current examples of fashionable looks. Don't be afraid to experiment and create a unique fall wardrobe. Don't be bored with autumn.

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