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Trendy jewelry from the autumn-winter 2021/2022 collections

Fashion for jewelry is no less changeable and interesting than trends in the field of fashion design. Until recently, minimalistic jewelry and costume jewelry remained popular. But in the autumn-winter season of 2021/2022, expressive, without exaggeration, luxurious jewelry came to the fore. They made their debut on the catwalks, and today they are already meeting in jewelry and accessories stores! Let's talk about the most relevant trends in the new season.

TOP 9 trendy jewelry

1. Earrings and necklace with fringe. Fashion jewelry 2022 is represented by thin freely flowing chains, as well as "mini-garlands" of crystals. Their radiant beauty can become the main accent of the outfit. In order not to overload the image, it is advisable to choose one thing: a necklace or earrings.

2. Products with stones. Such decorations resemble pendants from luxurious crystal chandeliers, and they will certainly add brightness, expressiveness, and originality to the image. Manufacturers offer earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings with large shining crystals. Costume jewelry of 2022 is produced mainly with transparent stones, but there are also extraordinary color models.

3. Decorations with flowers. Bright floral prints are considered a classic spring motif, but such jewelry acquires an unusual charm against the background of winter frosts.

4. Massive rings. Trends affected jewelry in 2022 in an unexpected way: fatigue from quarantine restrictions caused the appearance of large jewelry. Designers offer massive rings decorated with crystals, bright stones, enamel. They are offered to wear several pieces at once.

5. Products with pearls. Treasures of the deep sea invariably return to the number of the most beautiful and relevant trends. This season, designers have offered generously decorated with pearls necklaces, hair hoops. Earrings were most often decorated with individual large specimens of stones. Pearls of non-standard shape are in special honor: asymmetric, pear-shaped, teardrop-shaped. It looks original and daring.

6. Expressive chokers. This echo of the fashion of the 90s does not leave the trend lists! Fashion jewelry 2021 - voluminous and catchy. Choose between monolithic products and chains with large links. The most relevant are the metallic models in gold and silver colors. Do you want more sophisticated jewelry? Then pay attention to the necklace with pendants made of large stones or pearls.

7. Jewelry in the form of chains. The favorites of the current season are golden jewelry: the trends of 2021 have made chains of different calibers almost the main accent detail of the image. A variety of weaves, a combination of gold and silver links, inserts of pearls, stones make such products real works of art. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, chain belts look especially good with warm knitted clothes, knitted dresses and suits.

8. Jewelry with decoration in the form of balls. Spheres, rings have become a "fresh trend" in the design of earrings, rings, bracelets. Rounded shapes look great with an outfit for any occasion, so they confidently enter the world trends of jewelry 2022, which are also produced with a decor of pearls, chains, crystals.

9. Jewelry combining gold and silver. Of course, it is not necessary to overpay for precious metals when the trends of costume jewelry 2021 allow you to choose a spectacular and inexpensive alternative! Until recently, the tandem of golden and silver shades was considered a bad thing, but today it turned out to be at the peak of fashion. This is a great opportunity to put on all your favorite jewelry in one image.

Fashion jewelry 2021, photos of which can become a real buyer's guide, tends to luxury, layering and brilliance. This trend does not look heavy, because it harmonizes well with voluminous warm clothes. The friendly radiance of gold (or gilding), bright shades of stones and cabochons will become the main accent details of the winter image. 

The rejection of ideal shapes and symmetry is characteristic — feel free to choose "imperfect" jewelry with character. They will look more expressive, extraordinary, interesting in comparison with smooth polished products.


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