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The main manicure trends of the autumn-winter 2021/22 season

Manicure is a spectacular accent or an unobtrusive, but important addition to the image. Global nail trends are transformed from season to season. It's good that you can change the coating and length of nails regularly! We tell you about the most relevant colors, manicure styles for autumn and winter!

TOP manicure trends

Not only masters or beauty salons are interested in nail fashion, but also every fashionista. Perhaps now is the time to change the image? Especially for you, we have compiled a list of manicure trends for autumn 2021!

  • Expressive shades

Autumn is invariably associated with rich noble colors. This is reflected in the fashionable nail palette, and this year was no exception. However, an important point was the expansion of the range of popular tones. In favor of colors that symbolize creativity, personal strength, freedom of choice.

Among the monochrome options, coatings of deep blue, purple, and purple shades dominate. Manicure trends of 2021 include invariably relevant red and black nail polish.

Cherry and Tiffany colors will help to place bright accents. Do you want a catchy design? Pay attention to turquoise, cheerful yellow or coral. Not enough sense of celebration? Feel free to choose a coating with colored confetti-style particles!


  • French manicure

Global trends advise choosing a manicure in the fall of 2021 for short nails in the form of a classic or non-standard French jacket. microfrench, a new fashionable design that involves a thin strip along the edge of the nail, will help to make the image more expressive. Moreover, it does not necessarily have to be white. The lines of black, silver, golden or burgundy color look original.

A French manicure with a base of transparent varnish looks elegant. This is a tribute to the fashion for naturalness and naturalness. To add brightness to a neutral jacket, you can use a coating with small sequins. This option fits perfectly into the manicure trends of 2022!


  • Naked-manicure

This is another option for fans of naturalness. This trend of manicure in 2022 involves the use of light natural shades of varnish, transparent and translucent bases, laconic discreet decor. The example of Jennifer Lopez, Harriet Westmoreland and other stars translates minimalist aesthetics from boring classics into the category of current trends. In addition, gel polish is not usually used for natural manicure, which gives the nails a break from heavy coating.

  • Expressive green

A special and rather unexpected trend is a manicure for short nails for autumn in green. This is a chance to grab a piece of the outgoing summer with its cheerful palette and support the trend. The Bottega Veneta brand introduced the fashion for shades of green. To emphasize your personal style, place spectacular accents, use herbal, olive, emerald, sage colors. A deep dark green palette with a glossy sheen or a matte glow is especially revered.

Stylish ideas

Consider manicure ideas that will fit seamlessly into your image, help you look fashionable and impressive.

  • Geometry. A palette of restrained colors combined with strict lines will give the manicure expressiveness. However, do not forget that minimalism remains in the trend, so a geometric pattern should be applied only to 1-2 nails. Another option is to decorate each finger with laconic figures of different sizes and types.

  • Non-standard gradient. It looks more spectacular in dark shades. Stretching is in fashion, which does not occupy the entire nail plate, but only its outlined fragment.

  • Polka dots. This is a beautiful, cute and simple manicure. Suitable for sophisticated girls who do not like flashy coatings.

  • Art design. Works in the style of abstract painting, suprematism, cubism are gaining popularity. Some masters create real masterpieces inspired by the canvases of Picasso and the geniuses of pop art. Especially often fashionistas choose such a manicure for autumn 2021 for long nails.

Choosing a design, do not forget about your own comfort, the need to warm your hands in gloves in the cool season. The most relevant lengths are small and medium - they are both practical and correspond to the trend towards naturalness. When choosing the shape of a manicure, pay attention to the trending almond-shaped, oval and square nails.

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