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Trending hairstyles for next spring: we repeat the best images of New York Fashion Week

Beautiful haircuts are an indispensable attribute of fashion shows. Hairstyles together with the brightest outliers become real trends. The recent Fashion Week in New York demonstrated images that will be relevant in the spring of the coming year. Consider the most fashionable hairstyles of the upcoming season! You can repeat them yourself, but if you need a perfect result, beauty salons are the best solution for stylish experiments with hair.

TOP 4 trendy hairstyles for Spring 2022

The fashionable haircuts we have reviewed were created by Justine Marjan (who leads a team of stylists working on the shows of the largest brands), Lacey Redway and other star hairdressers. 

All hairstyles 2022 leave enough space for their own creative experiences, they are easy to adapt to individual image, tastes and hair length.

1. A loose bundle decorated with hairpins

The bun is a universal solution for long hair. Once this hairstyle was synonymous with carelessness, but today it has reached the TOP of the most popular and practical. To add brightness and originality to the usual styling, it is worth picking up as many hairpins as possible. These can be accessories trimmed with pearls, crystals, ribbons, as well as simply colorful products of various sizes. Such jewelry looks like a reference to the 2000s, but that's the beauty of a refreshed image. Besides, it's so nice to get back to the beautiful hairpins after a long winter with her hats and hoods! The secret of the ease that women's hairstyles 2022 have is in light waves. Before styling in a bun, Justine Marjan slightly curled the hair of the models and put them in a straight parting.

2. Cool girl

Fashionable hairstyles 2022 is hard to imagine without the wind of freedom and change. A wild but sophisticated travel fan — this is exactly the image of a girl that the creative stylists of the show in New York tried to create. A careless straight parting with thin soft pigtails on both sides helped to achieve this. Stylists used the usual weaving of three strands, but you can choose another option. The only requirement is that pigtails should not be tight. It is important to abandon strict lines and give extra volume to the hair.

3. Classic tail in a new way

Do you want to feel like a queen? Then choose a hairstyle from Lacey Redway! For determined, energetic and at the same time sensual girls, the stylist offered a new interpretation of a practical ponytail, which instantly entered the trend of hairstyles in 2022. The hair must be carefully combed and tied high enough. To disguise the elastic band, Lacey Redway suggests treating one strand with varnish and wrapping it around the base of the tail. To make the hair more friable and radiant, you can use a cream primer or a texturizing agent with keratin. But the main highlight, which migrated to other stylish hairstyles in 2022, was the way the fluffy hair framing the forehead was decorated. Lacey Redway sprinkles them with varnish and lays them in fantasy waves!

4. Smooth hair with a straight parting

This is another trend of hairstyles 2022, conquering with its minimalism! When creating this concept, Lacey Redway was inspired by the simple lines of the Italian coast. The main secret of an impeccable hairstyle is a combination of mousse and smoothing spray. In order for the image to remain flawless, the hair must be combed continuously while drying with a hairdryer, avoiding excess volume in front or on top of the head. In the center, the stylist makes a deep straight parting, and after the final application of the varnish fixes the side strands with clips. Such trending hairstyles of 2022 are ideal for fashionable haircuts of almost any length, even if it is a short bob. This styling is ideal for girls who naturally have smooth hair.

Considering the trends of hairstyles in 2022, it is easy to notice that the basis is made up of solutions that are as simple as possible in execution, which do not require long styling. This is what makes them ideal for everyday wear. The brevity of such hairstyles will perfectly complement the bright spring images. Choose the option you like and experiment!


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