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The best beauty finds of this winter: top 7 products

In winter, the body requires special care: dry air, cold, lack of sunlight and heat can negatively affect the appearance. Cosmetics from well-known manufacturers will help solve the problem. Today we will look at the key beauty trends that provide full-fledged home skin care in winter!

Top 7 best winter remedies of 2022

1. Peeling Hydra Beauty Camellia Glow Concentrate

This is a novelty from CHANEL, designed to activate the natural processes of facial skin renewal. The main problem with most peels is a side effect in the form of dryness. The product based on extracts of camellia alba, yeast, blue ginger exfoliates dead cells, while moisturizing the epidermis, stimulates the production of cells of their own hyaluronic acid. Large cosmetics stores have already included this peeling in their assortment, so it will not be difficult to find it on sale!

2. Filler Age Protect

Multi-corrective product from Uriage makes winter facial care much easier due to the instant effect of moisturizing and lifting. Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid in the composition delivers moisture inside the epidermis. Vitamin E, squalane, cocoa extract soften and nourish the skin. The filler smoothes wrinkles, narrows pores, makes pigment spots less noticeable, post-acne.

3. Serum Double Serum Eye

This is a two-phase product from Clarins, consisting of a water-based gel and a hydrolipidic emulsion. The serum is perfectly applied, does not leave a feeling of greasiness or tightness. The active ingredients of the formula include extracts of chervil, kiwi, avocado. The product softens dry skin under the eyes, makes it denser, reduces dark circles.

4. Cream Skin Hero

In winter skin care, it is worth including a cream from Erborian, which has a melting weightless structure. The tool gives both instant and cumulative effect. Hyaluronic acid nourishes the skin with moisture, ginseng extract improves the complexion, licorice soothes the epidermis and narrows the pores, wild yam slows down the aging process, and coenzymes smooth out the irregularities of the relief. All this makes Skin Hero an indispensable assistant in the fight for beauty!

5. Cream Comfort on Call

This cream from Clinique is a real salvation for the skin of the face in the cold. The product is great for everyday care, as part of a skier's cosmetic bag. Due to cryoprotectors, the formula increases the protective functions of the skin, prevents weathering and frostbite, nourishes and moisturizes the face at the same time.

6. Anti-aging cream serum for hands «Immortelle»

Hand skin care in winter is no less important. Especially if you often neglect gloves and mittens. It is necessary to use nourishing, moisturizing products daily. L'Occitane offers a cream that can preserve the beauty, youth and softness of hands for a long time. Immortelle flower extract and karite oil increase the protective properties of the skin, restore elasticity, slow down the aging of the epidermis. Also, the tool has a positive effect on the condition of nails and cuticles, preventing the appearance of burrs.

7. Body Oil «Shi»

The skin of the body also feels a lack of moisture in winter: close contact with clothes, over-dried apartment air leads to dryness, peeling, itching. Leaving The Body Shop will help solve the problem. Butter based on Shea butter, babassu and cocoa eliminates dryness, irritation, prevents early aging of the skin, stimulates the production of collagen. The delicate melting texture, delicious aroma make applying the product a real pleasure.

Useful tips for skin care in winter

  • Do not neglect the night cream. During sleep, the main processes of regeneration of the skin occur, which is stressed in winter. It is very important to provide the tissues with enough nutrients to maintain a healthy, radiant appearance.

  • Use mild cleansing products. Observing the stages of facial skin care in winter, choose gels for washing without soap, hydrophilic oils and other cosmetics that will not dry out the epidermis.

  • Don't forget about the pleasure. Enjoy fragrant baths, exquisite perfumes and other pleasant little things. They will give the main "ingredient" of beauty — a smile and a good mood.

Give yourself the right to be irresistible!


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