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How to organize a perfect date?

A date is a great way to communicate, get to know each other better. It's worth having romantic evenings from time to time, even if you've been together for a long time! And if you are just getting to know a new person, a date should be even more perfect. Let's talk about how to prepare for such an evening, choose entertainment and a place.

Preparing for a romantic evening

In the modern world, it is appropriate for any of the partners to be the organizer of a romantic surprise. However, in the case of a new acquaintance, the organization of the evening is more often handled by the guy who offered to meet. When setting a date, immediately think about where to go with a girl on 1 date. Plan for yourself to prepare at least a couple of days.

The first date should not be too long. You will quickly be able to understand how pleasant it is to continue communicating. Meet for lunch or dinner, take a walk around the city or visit an interesting museum. If you like each other, subsequent dates should be made more intense and prolonged. The exception is if the first meeting falls on Valentine's Day. In this case, it is worth booking a table in a restaurant and planning a full entertainment program.

Where to go on a date?

When choosing where to go together, remember the rules of perfect dates:

  1. You should have the opportunity to chat on casual topics.

  2. It makes no sense to focus on one location.

  3. Provide new shared experiences.

  4. Develop a plan "B" in case of failure of the main program.

  5. Book a table/seats/tickets in advance.

A few ideas for the perfect date

  • Attending a film festival or watching cult classics followed by discussion.

  • A day on the beach or a picnic in a beautiful place in the city/out of town.

  • Walking or cycling along the most picturesque routes.

  • Restaurants, or rather, a mini-tour of them (for example, snacks at Salateira, dinner at Mr. Zuma, dessert and cocktails at Hitchcook Bar).

  • Playing mini golf, bowling, go-karting or hiking on a one-day tourist route.

  • Skydiving, ropejumping and other entertainment for extreme athletes.

  • Tasting of wine, cheese and other delicious treats.

  • Visiting an art gallery, a new exhibition in the museum.

These recommendations will help you decide where to go with a girl on the 3rd date or any other on the bill.

What to wear on a date?

Clothes for a date in winter or at other times of the year should match the weather and the chosen program. Usually it is a tasteful, comfortable casual clothing or an elegant outfit. Do not try too hard trying to impress a companion / companion.

Be sure to give advice to the invited person on how to dress, but do not disclose the details of the upcoming meeting. Evening attire will be useful if you bought tickets to the Philharmonic or booked a table in an expensive restaurant. The sporty style is optimal for a trip to nature, cycling. 

If you were invited, ask how to dress better — an inappropriate outfit will cause a lot of discomfort. This is especially important if you are deciding what to go on a date in winter.

What to give on a date?

A romantic meeting does not necessarily have to be accompanied by gifts. It is much more useful to prepare questions for a guy on a date (or questions for a girl). They will help to get closer, learn a lot of interesting things about each other. On the Internet, you can even find full-fledged dating questionnaires compiled by psychologists.

Whether it is appropriate to give flowers on the first date depends on the program of the event. If this is a fairly short meeting in a cafe or park, present a bouquet. But if you plan a long walk or a whole entertaining evening, then it will be inconvenient to carry flowers with you all this time. In this case, the bouquet can be sent by courier or brought personally to the girl's home / work the next day.

It will be possible to choose a full-fledged gift after several meetings, when you will already get acquainted with the desires, tastes and hobbies of a person. Listen carefully, and there will be no problems with finding a present. Multiple rules at the same time:

  • if you are not in a relationship yet, avoid expensive gifts so that the partner does not feel obligated;

  • make sure that the offering does not look like an inappropriate hint;

  • make a gift beautifully.

Now Valentine's Day or an ordinary date will be perfect!


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