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Anti-trends: which outerwear went out of fashion in winter 2022

Trendy things add a zest to an individual style, make the image relevant and bright. Out-of-fashion clothes look out of place, tasteless, and sometimes comical. That is why it is so important to regularly update the wardrobe and leave basic things on the main roles. Today we will look at the anti-trends of winter 2022 and talk about which women's clothing will help make the image more relevant.

Long narrow down jacket

Such outerwear interferes with fast walking if you are suddenly in a hurry somewhere. The features of the cut do not allow you to put on a bulky sweater or cardigan under such a down jacket — at one moment you will feel cramped, uncomfortable. Because of this, the figure looks larger. A long narrow down jacket, especially with a horizontal stitch, should be replaced with a looser or even oversize model. This will help you feel comfortable even in the most severe cold.

Down jacket-dress or flared fur coat

These models were at the peak of popularity in the 2000s and then looked really unusual. The trend has outlived its usefulness not only because of questionable practicality, but also because such outerwear gives an additional visual volume to the hips. This can distort even a proportional figure. A down jacket-dress should be replaced with a classic straight-cut model of fashionable midi or maxi length.

Down jacket with fur elements

Down jackets with natural or synthetic filler are loved for their practicality and concise appearance. The fur trim is designed to give this outfit a touch of chic, but in fact it only hinders. In rain or snowfall, the edge quickly gets wet and sticks together into "icicles". In addition, the fur strips visually divide the silhouette horizontally, adding unnecessary volume to the figure. Replace such a down jacket with a more stylish and modern one without a fringe. To give the figure a slimness, choose models that sit loosely on top of a sweater and have a diagonal stitch. 

Short fitted jacket or down jacket

Voluminous waist-length jackets have unconditionally entered the anti-trends of 2022. They focus on the hips, visually making them wider. The fitted cut restricts movement, limits the choice of clothes under the bottom. The features of the style do not provide sufficient warming in the cold. If you prefer shortened outerwear models, choose puffed jackets of a looser cut, relevant this season. They do not distort the figure so much and are much more comfortable for everyday wear.

Natural fur clothing

Gone are the days when a fur coat made of real fur was associated with prestige and good taste. Today, killing defenseless animals for the sake of replenishing the wardrobe is simply not fashionable! If you want fluffy soft clothes, pay attention to bright plush fur coats. They are very warm, look extraordinary and do not require "sacrifices", so they have become part of the fashion of 2022.

Fur coat made of transverse elements

"Caterpillar fur coats" sewn from horizontal strips of fur look cheap and old-fashioned, so it's better not to buy or wear them. The abundance of horizontal lines disfigures the silhouette, lovers of fur coats should prefer a model that has a cut similar to a coat.

A sports-style fur coat

In the anti-trend 2022, fur clothing (natural or artificial) I didn't get into sports elements by accident. Such models automatically turn a girl into a time traveler who arrived from the early 2000s. Fur coats with zippers and drawstring look cheap, even if they are made of expensive fur. Classic cut outerwear is in fashion today.

Short sheepskin coat of a narrow cut

Such clothes practically do not warm, so in winter it is simply impractical. Tiny jackets have long gone out of fashion. If you want to replenish your wardrobe with a sheepskin coat, choose a straight-cut model with a length below the knee. Brutal options with a loose cut and classic aviator jackets also look great.

Knowing what the anti-trends are in clothing in 2022, you can easily adjust your own wardrobe in favor of more fashionable solutions. The recommended styles are universal and will remain relevant for a long time. Therefore, it is not necessary to postpone the renewal of outerwear in the current season.


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