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Top 10 trends for autumn-winter 2021-2022

With the end of one season, it's time to take care of the next. So that the new time does not take you by surprise, it is important to plan your wardrobe in advance. In the fashion world, the saying "prepare a sleigh from the summer" is relevant, as in no other field. It is worth determining in advance what trends exist, which of them should be considered as a successful investment in your own wardrobe, and what is better to refuse. So that you do not waste time on a long study of all the relevant elements, we have collected for you the main fashion trends of autumn-winter 2022. Let's take a closer look at each of them.

  1. Feathers and fringe 

This "bohemian" story has appeared before, but among the microtrends of previous seasons. However, the fashion gurus have fully tasted all the charms of this element only now. Fringe and feathers on sleeves, skirts, trousers and bags are definitely included in the trends of autumn 2021. It is noteworthy that this artistic element in the upcoming season is appropriate not only in evening images. The fashion world encourages us to add decorative fringes and feathers to everyday bows, and the most daring can even experiment with business outfits for the office. Dresses of a strict cut in combination with such a dramatic element acquire a special charm.

  1. A plush story

Artificial fur naturally fell into the trends of autumn-winter 2022. First, what cold season will do without cozy air textures? And secondly, designers around the world have picked up the eco-initiative, so they are actively calling for their collections to support the movement against the use of real animal fur and leather in the mass production of the fashion industry. There are many modifications and manifestations of the trend-from traditional coats, jackets, bombers, to sandals and birkenstocks with decorative plush and fur. In some collections, even soft accessories were presented — bags and key rings. Ecomech in bright acidic and pastel shades can be considered an ultra-trend.

  1. A little bit about paints

Speaking about the fashion season autumn-winter 2022 (trends), it is impossible not to mention the most relevant and fresh color combinations. Be sure to add playful pastels and neon shades to your wardrobe and everyday bows. The most trendy colors can be safely called purple, acid (neon) yellow, crazy pink, mottled green (this shade migrated from last season) and rich orange.

  1. Jumpsuits and bodysuits

The list of" Trends autumn-winter 2022 " unexpectedly for many got an element that many have forgotten since childhood. Overalls can be called the main investment of the upcoming season. A similar stir was made last spring by a micro-bag from Jacquemus. Then it was discussed and "feared", but still added to the images. This is exactly what catsuit-style jumpsuits are waiting for. If you want to wait until the trend "swings" and becomes more familiar to the masses, you can wait. But we advise you not to wait until the whole fashionable party is dressed in overalls and bodysuits, and to buy a trending novelty right now in order to be the first to show it to the world. Clothing and shoe stores in the Gulliver shopping center are already finishing sales and starting to update their collections for the upcoming season. Take a look at shopping in a shopping complex in the center of Kiev — there you will definitely find this ultra-trendy novelty.

  1. Quilted jackets

Outerwear made of quilted fabrics is not only beautiful, but also practical. The texture of such jackets, coats, pairs and capes does not require that it be additionally stylized with anything. This is an independent trend that does not need to be strengthened with the help of colors or decorative elements. Therefore, choose basic colors and do not worry about combinations with the rest of the elements of your wardrobe.

  1. Elongated sleeve

Sweaters and sweatshirts with long sleeves are almost the first thing that catches your attention even with a cursory inspection of the collections of the upcoming season. Balmain, Acne Studios, Loewe introduce us to products where the sleeves seem to be sewn from a model 5 sizes larger. But this is the whole chic — the dramatic, pure and naive romance of Pierrot!

  1. Casual knitwear

Knitwear was included not only among the most relevant elements of the summer wardrobe, but also in the main trends of autumn 2021 and winter 2022. Fashion designers still offer us not to stop at traditional sweaters alone, but to be bolder and choose suits, trousers, skirts, shorts and tops — all that knitwear was previously considered not a suitable fabric for. Having abandoned such beliefs, you will discover new horizons of fashionable combinations and will be able to make fresh, not yet bored street style bows.

  1. Aviator jackets

In the coming season, this model will be more relevant than ever before. And especially Jacquemus and Heliot Emil tried to do this. The designers proposed new bold modifications of the already well-known cut, experimented with textures and colors. Therefore, if this year you are planning to buy new outerwear for the cold season, seriously consider the trends of winter 2022 in the face of this daring model — it has a deep potential. Even if you don't like short jackets, the stores also offer elongated versions in the same style.

  1. Bag-folder

Strict geometry does not leave the fashion world, constantly returning in one form or another. Right angles, a minimum of decor, simple shapes. This time the action takes place in the field of accessories. This fall, a business strict bag will be relevant to outfits in any style. The most popular combinations, of course, are contrasting-the more relaxed the clothes, the better the strict geometry of the accessory will be emphasized.

  1. Rough shoes

In the question "What shoes to buy?" for the upcoming cold season, the answer is the same as for the last six months — massive shoes with rough soles do not go out of fashion. The trend has plenty of modifications: a square cape, a platform, lacquered models, shoes with an abundance of decorative rivets and even spikes ("Hello!" from zero). If you want a new pair of shoes to last as long as possible and remain relevant for more than one season, it is better to choose models in which the trend is expressed in the most calm way. Let it be just classic shoes with a rough sole, without decor and in a classic base color.


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