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The 70s are back: this season's fashion trends

The fashion of the 1970s is full of bright and non-trivial solutions, rich in cultural traditions: hippie style, punk, futurism, disco, ethno. There are countless aesthetic references to this era. Individual outfits that have become symbols of the 70s are now successfully combined with cutting-edge clothing elements. In the autumn-winter 2021/2022 season, retro style returns its positions! We have selected for you some of the brightest trends that allow you to create magnificent all-weather images.

TOP 7 current retro trends

1. Flared jeans

Such jeans remain one of the iconic elements of the hippie style. Choose models with a high fit, flared from the hip. Wide jeans with a carefully fitted belt are practical, versatile, great for composing casual ensembles in casual style. Trousers look good with blouses with a rounded neckline, plaid shirts, denim jackets. Flared jeans in different model solutions are offered by Hermes women's clothing stores and other more affordable brands. Considering how popular retro style is now, such pants will be relevant for quite a long time.

2. Voluminous "granny" jumpers and sweaters

Granny style sweater is not the first season to appear as a cozy autumn trend. The voluminous silhouette, geometric pattern, textured yarn make it look like a hand-made thing. But if such comfortable clothes were previously considered part of casual daily outings, this season they were "brought out" — Chanel, Celine and some other brands offered several unexpected combinations. It is recommended to combine a sweater with shiny clothes, evening dresses, trousers and maxi skirts in bright colors. Such a retro style of clothing will be absolutely appropriate at a party or a special event.

3. Loafers with wedges or high heels

In the 70s, classic shoe models were especially popular, updated at the expense of a heel or platform. Everyday loafers are no exception. They have already returned in previous seasons, but this year the trend has peaked. Creative models are offered by Tod's, Gucci, Bally and many others. Loafers with heels will look especially good with bright trousers, a maxi dress or a mini skirt, a coat made of textured fabric. Such shoes look elegant enough, but not too formal, so they will fit even a business suit.

4. Disco-style dresses

Discussing dresses in the retro style of the 70s, it is impossible to ignore models made of shiny metallic fabric or embroidered with sequins, stones. Disco and futurism are still relevant! Pure silver and golden shades are in special favor. They managed to sparkle on the catwalk in the collections of Burberry, Versace and other major brands, and then appeared in the collections of pret-a-porter. Such luxurious outfits do not require additional jewelry, but the designers did not skimp on bags and clutches to match.

5. Fringed poncho

Ponchos, popular among hippies in the 70s, will help reinforce the retro style of clothing, taking into account the unstable weather of the off-season. A soft and cozy poncho will be the perfect complement to your everyday look. Maxi-models that almost reach the ground look especially impressive. This poncho will be cozy even on a cloudy autumn morning! At the same time, such clothes can be worn over a light down jacket or other "insulation".

6. Bright prints in the style of op-art

Do you want a retro-style dress to be truly memorable? Why not choose an outfit with a bright "optical" pattern. The non-standard presentation of clothes, which is provided by op-art, makes the image expressive. It can be one main detail of the image (for example, a coat) or a stylish total bow.

7. Head scarf

A retro hairstyle will help to complement the image with references to the 70s, but if this option is not for you, you can stop at a silk scarf. Wrapped around the head, it allows you to feel like a fashion icon of the past. Don't forget to complement the look with large sunglasses and an elegant coat.

Such stylish solutions will help refresh the usual autumn wardrobe without compromising comfort. It is enough to add one retro detail to make your favorite outlets play in a new way.


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