There are such sets of underwear, looking at which, I want to say with aspiration only one thing: “How gentle ...” - these models, as a rule, differ in weightless materials, airy shades and a lightweight cut.

Soft lace, a romantic pattern and a translucent fabric can work wonders: raise self-esteem, draw a happy smile on your face, give a transcendent peace and even seduce.

Lace story

Lace always appeals to sensuality, and if it is the color of pink powder, morning tea rose or azure waves, timid grace comes into play, the charm of which cannot be resisted. Translucent lace sets give the image a soft feel - this is especially good with the Secret de charme line and Aubade Illustre Inconnue line, the Chantal Thomass Farandole sets, the charming Refined Glamor from Wonderbra and the eloquent Seduction from Marlies Dekkers.

Strap Focus

The unusual design of the straps relies on fragile shoulders and thin collarbones, and blurry, like a half-hint, draws attention to the neckline. Double or wide lace straps, or maybe thin, decorative, piquantly framing the chest? The answer is in the Champs-Elysees and Femme lines from Aubade, the luxurious Space Odyssey and the bold Gloria from Marlies Dekkers, and the aerial Flagrant delice from Chantal Thomass.

Air mesh

Tenderness and frankness go hand in hand when it comes to linen with a net: it exposes velvet skin and blurs the line between reality and fantasy. The most tender, but also the most passionate sets are in the lines of Fall in love from Passionata, Nymphea Paradis and Nudessence from Aubade and Generous Mod from DIM.

Lightweight design

Minimalism and grace are true friends: it is worth painting a laconic bra in powdery, milky and pink shades, adding a bit of lace or a curly edge, as it acquires an unusual airiness. This is easy to verify with the romantic Georgia line from Passionata, Addicte from Chantal Thomass, Generous or Sublime Dentelle from DIM.

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