Looseness and desire are dishes that are served hot.

Flirtatious signals in the form of a cat's gait and languid looks must be reinforced with something elegant, alluring and hinting at a passionate game, namely, spicy underwear. Thin fabrics, emphasis on mouth-watering shapes and hot accessories will make a man’s heart beat faster and will definitely give free rein to his imagination.

Passionate peas

Peas and a grid - two points of one plan for express seduction. The finest fabric demonstrates everything that cannot be abandoned, and peas creates the image of an innocent temptress who knows exactly what she wants.

Passionata's Cheers line is a celebration of love, passion and ... female sexuality. A sophisticated combination, a push-up bra and translucent panties with a stocking holder will decorate the most languid evening.

Maximum color and minimum constraint

A girl with incendiary energy does not have to resort to the classic shades of seductive underwear: black and red are easy to replace with yellow, pink and even blue, the main thing is an alluring neckline and panties that perfectly fit the buttocks.

The Cheeky line boasts one and the other: bright colors in tandem with lace accents and seductive patterns - a playful mood is provided!

Sensual flowers and delicate tulle

Refined linen, decorated with tulle and topped with spicy flowers, glows a degree of passion in a matter of seconds. Translucent fabric, like a light flirt: does not oblige to anything, but demonstrates relaxed self-confidence.

The Demoiselle line is designed to teach you to live in harmony with your sexuality: an elegant neckline, a sensual design in which lace, tulle and floral motifs are interwoven - all this creates an aura of coquetry and ease.

Sexy jumpsuits

Playful fall in love combisorts are a bold way to get to know your own sexuality: transparent fabrics, sensual details in the form of thin straps and an original backrest teach emancipation and love for your body.

The adorable combi dress is a seduction game: a deep transparent insert in the neckline, bare shoulders and an accent on the neck in the form of a lace tie eloquently indicate that this outfit is not for sleep.

Lace + Pleating

Extra volume and mesmerizing overflows of smooth fabric - all these are games that are seductive pleating. The accents in the form of a slightly collected weightless fabric and lace excite the imagination and adjust to a flirtatious mood.

The Gloria line has absorbed all the most piquant fantasies: a half-open balcony, playful bikinis and a stocking belt instantly paint a playful smile on his face, and the same light is lit in the man's eyes.

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