About 4 thousand square meters of LEDs in the center of the capital: the largest screen in Europe was placed at the Gulliver shopping center! - news from SEC Gulliver

About 4 thousand square meters of LEDs in the center of the capital: the largest screen in Europe was placed at the Gulliver shopping center!

The largest LED screen in Europe is installed on the facade of the Gulliver Mall. The state-of-the-art LED screens, which have replaced the outdated outdoor advertising, consist of 5 parts: a large-format video display with a size of over 1500 square meters, two displays with a size over 600 square meters. The total area of ​​all screens are about 4 thousand square meters. 

In the center of the capital, the screens were installed in several stages. The first stage was completed in October 2019, the second final stage was the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. The renewed media facade becomes an exclusive advertising platform, the audience of which exceeds 350 thousand contacts daily. The project was carried out by Media Display for the individual order of the Gulliver. Assembled by hand in 150 days, such models do not exist in mass production. The software development of the product for controlling the largest Outdoor LED screen was carried out by Identity Invest.

LED screens with a total area of ​​about 4 thousand square meters on Gulliver are located at the intersection of key highways, the range of information perception will reach 3-4 km. The total number of pixels will be over 12 million. The viewing angle is 140 degrees. The screens will be designed to show promotional and entertainment materials, including high definition video. The main features of the screens are enviable clarity, brightness and "richness" of the image, allowing you to get a high quality picture even on a sunny day. This number of LEDs will allow to reproduce about 282 trillion. colors and shades. The panels are protected from dust and moisture, are not afraid of blows by heavy objects, hail, structures are able to withstand strong winds. Designed for 100 thousand hours of use. This is the first hardware-confirmed 8K video player in Ukraine (used by H.265 codec).

“We would like the huge high-resolution LED screens on the facade of the mall to become an integral part of the architectural design of the complex of buildings, its hallmark and pride, as our decorative lighting from Lesya Ukrainka Boulevard became at the opening. - Irina Kruppa, General Director of IFC Gulliver, comments on the project, - all over the world, LED screens have a modern look, they work perfectly to attract the attention of potential buyers. But in addition, it should be noted the aesthetics of LED panels, the possibility of organic "embedding" in the image of a modern city, efficiency and, which is important, environmental friendliness. "

One of the features of the screens will be that now the information that will appear on the screens will not necessarily be assigned to one screen. It is dynamic and can move smoothly over the entire huge surface of the entire canvas of LED screens. The content will be played in turn on each of the segments. As the marketing director of Gulliver Katerina Zhurakovskaya notes: “LED panels have the ability to broadcast live concerts, football matches, and other events. Audience and vehicle recognition technologies allow content to adapt to changes in the environment (for example, when the weather, audience, traffic situation changes). Using interactive equipment, it will be possible to change the content on the screens ”.

In the near future, we plan to enhance the amazing video effect with additional audio content.

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