A star was opened at the

A star was opened at the "Square of Stars" in Kiev - NK | Nastya Kamenskikh

On October 8, on the "Square of Stars", which is a symbol of recognition, support and popularization of national culture, art and sports, a special star appeared in honor of the Ukrainian singer, pop diva - NK

NK - also known as Nastya Kamenskikh - Ukrainian singer, actress, presenter, judge and mentor of the Ukrainian vocal show "X-factor", coach "Voice of the Country", influencer, author of NKblog, founder of the sportswear brand NKsport.

NK became the first performer from Ukraine to conquer the international Billboard and SHAZAM Global charts with the popular hits "Peligroso" and "Elefante". 2020, the singer released her first Spanish-language album "Eclectica". Nastya also became the first singer to be invited to the 19th annual Grammy Latin American Music Awards.

On a national scale, NK is the owner of over 40 of the most famous and authoritative awards in the country, such as M1 Music Awards, Chervona Ruta, Russian Radio, Cosmopolitan Awards, TRK Ukraine, YUNA awards and others.

As NK herself noted: “The biggest award for an artist is the love of his audience. I am very glad that my songs and creativity resonate in the hearts of my fans. This star is a symbol of our mutual love, my gratitude to you for your support and your recognition. You are my motivation and inspiration to do more great hits and new projects. "

The team of nkteam and Nice2Cu came to support the artist at the ceremony, people who have been with her from the very beginning of her career and with whose help NK is successfully winning the favor of the international music market.

Also at the opening of the star were representatives of BF Tabletochki, in whose life the singer takes an active part.

As Svetlana Pugach, Director of Strategic Partnerships at BF Tabletochki, said: “The Square of Stars has long become a landmark place in the heart of the capital. As a Kiev woman, I am very pleased that there is a place that perpetuates the great talents of our country, of which we are all proud. Today, the star NK is opening on the square, conquering hearts all over the planet with the energy of its music. And it also unites millions of its fans around helping children with cancer, wards of the Tabletchka Foundation. By its example, NK proves that it is easy to help, and it is together that we can defeat childhood cancer in Ukraine. And I'm sure that today's star could be in the shape of a heart. "

“The project motivates contemporary figures of culture, music, art and sports not to stop there, but to popularize the country in the world. The "Square of Stars" project aims to become a universally recognized and beloved tourist route, because it brings up a new generation, reminding them of famous Ukrainians and motivating teenagers to follow their goal, their success, ”notes Tatiana Atajanova, PR director of the Gulliver shopping and entertainment center.

Let us remind you that stars on the "Star Square" appear as a result of several stages of selection, based on the recommendations of the expert commission - representatives of the public, media market experts and representatives of the Gulliver shopping and entertainment center.

On October 8, 52 stars were laid on the "Square of Stars" and this is the 14th star on the "Music" part.

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