Autograph session of the creative team

Autograph session of the creative team "Squat32"

Modern Ukrainian cinema should be accessible to everyone. That is why the creators of the film "Squat32" and the public organization "Vzchuy", whose goal is the social adaptation of people with hearing impairments, created the version of "Squat32" with subtitles. The tape was shown during the premier tour of Ukraine.

As part of this project, a charitable autograph session will take place at the Gulliver Trade Fair on April 11th, during which, in a pleasant atmosphere, "no noise" everyone will be able to meet and talk with the actors of the film Anna Adamovich, Ivan Blinder, Sandra Sambo, Sasha Bogachyuk and the participants of the photo of the project "Star Albert" from "Feel" by Artem Pivovarov, Dmitry Kadnay and Konstantin. Take part in the drawing and get some nice gifts, one of which will be the 4th ticket for the "Squat32" movie.

Also during the autograph session, visitors to the shopping center Gulliver will be able to view the photo exhibition of the star project, the purpose of which is to popularize a tolerant attitude in society, to pay attention to the problems of hearing loss and the relevance of the study of sign language in our country. More than 30 well-known Ukrainians took part in the Star Alphabet, including Masha Yefrosinina, Dmitry Monaget, Onuka, Katia Osadcha, Olga Freimut, Yuri Gorbunov, Natalia Mogilevskaya, Andriy Khlyvniuk, Artem Pivovarov, Dmitry Kadnay, Constantine, Oleksandr Shovkovsky and others. Participants in the photo project showed all the letters of the sign language, which in our country speak more than 223 thousand Ukrainians.

Thanks to this project, the creative group of the "Squat32" film and well-known personalities from the "Star Alphabet" want to draw the attention of the society to a tolerant attitude towards each other, to motivate Ukrainian youth to create their future in Ukraine.

* The "Squat32" film tells about modern Ukrainian youth, who is in search of herself and her place in the crazy rhythm of the metropolis. The production of the film was performed by the film company Garnet International Media Group with the support of the State Agency of Ukraine on Cinema.

* "Feel" - a public organization founded by Lyudmila and Andriy Lyshnymi. Since 2011, he has been systematically involved with the help and social adaptation of hearing impaired people. For seven years the organization has implemented more than 15 all-Ukrainian projects. Among them: a unique inclusive camp for Ukraine, aimed at the socialization of hearing impaired children, creation of the creative space "TAM" and the music class "Big Bach" for the blind, a series of inclusive lessons for students, and free online sign language courses for the general public.

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